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by Stephen Washam
copyright 10-07-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

Floating through the summer sky
I watch you gently rolling by
You sail along so peacefully
Like zephyrs on a calm blue sea

Billowy tufts of angel white
Drifting about in endless flight
Moving slowly along your way
Dancing a graceful sky ballet

Quiet and calmly off youíll go
Changing shapes in a rolling flow
Upon a trip that never ends
Riding serenely with the winds

I wonder at the sights you see
Drifting along so lazily
Above the hilltops you will soar
Hovering about at Heavenís door

You rise above the earth so high
Like towering pillars of the sky
Iíd love to drift along with you
Oh fluffy clouds in skies of blue

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        04-02-2013     marvinthepoet        

This poem is beautiful. I was an observer with the Civil Air Patrol and thus privileged to fly with some of their pilots. I was amazed at some of the sights from aloft. Your poem expresses well what it must be like to be a cloud. It is imaginative and creative. Thank you for writing!

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