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Dance Of The Fairies

by Stephen Washam
copyright 10-13-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

There’s a wondrous secret hidden place that I like going to
And if you’re very good my sweet I’ll share this place with you
It’s half in light and half in dark between the night and day
And if you’re very quiet you can watch the fairies play

They gather in the twilight on the far side of the hill
But if you want to see them, then you must be very still
No noise or movement can you make for they are very shy
And if they see you hiding there then far away they’ll fly

I like to watch them dance and sing beneath the silver moon
And listen as they play their flutes and blow a magic tune
After they have played a while they all prepare to eat
I watch as they prepare their meal so magical and sweet

They gather stardust and moonlight and cook them in a stew
And then they fill their tiny cups with early morning dew
When they have finished dining they will start to play again
And then my dear you’ll never guess what starts to happen then

The fairies gather one and all and right before your eyes
They'll zoom into the starlit night on golden fireflies
Zipping back and forth they fly, racing with each other
They dart along the hillside, first one and then another

Chasing shooting stars they see throughout the moonlit night
They sing and dance together until morning’s early light
So if you’re good my darling child you soon will get a chance
To come with me to a magic place and watch the fairies dance

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