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Blues Teaching

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 10-31-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

Daddy taught her right from wrong
Taught her how to drink and cry a song

In my mind all I see is havens
In her heart we sing a bout liven
Turns take da wait it is blue

Fingers at da ready sing for me a lie
Each of da ladies would like a try

Sing me a song in da wine
Shallow freed in a darker time
Skip da blues a hammer down
She left him in da death town

Drank his whiskey down left da memory
Silver paid for da price she just a cry

We sing a tribute to his bliss
The angel morning drunken kiss
Love is the reason for da season
Just can not find da core belief
Each just a step from understand

Lady picks da gambler's pocket every time
Heart left on his nightstand hears her sigh

Can not find self-help for me please
Any more does not matter right or wrong
Lost in his sweet dying song of repent
She leaves him tenth time spent again
Make-believe is just another reason to cry
Ready he says as ready as you she lies

In da velvet of a screaming morning star
All the feeling in her cry is to die for

Each step to the ledge of life to laugh
It's over-blown nobody jumps
Sweet dreams with prayers
Lead me to da place of rest
Sleep results from work
Keep da love word in confess

Each day lived brings a new baby at her breast
Daddy was always right life is a test of the blues

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        11-21-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

Very nice words of the 50's lyrics. It is different then what I have been reading. That makes it quite interesting. It is like a story, as well as a great workmanship of true life then.
That's da way it was. Enjoyed it tremendously.

        11-20-2009     Cynthia Baello        

I like the crafty style this was written, and yet I find a deeper sadness and profound message underneath the verses. You have actually written the story/history that gave birth to rhythm and blues, the type of music that accompanied by life's hardships and heartaches, proving that "music hath charms that soothe the savage breast..." Your poem brings back many songs I used to hear as a child and which my father sang from the bathroom, 40's amd early 50's vintage. Thank you for sharing this poema nd I love it da way it is!

        09-28-2007     Frank Fields        

Haunting memories of another time, another life, another reality. It probably still lives on today as it did then, for very little in the life of man really changes, regardless of how seeming changing it needs to be. New Orleans, Puerto Rico, some favorite little places in the water and off, close to ocean shore and where da blues is always found. What more to be said? Leave it be, mon, it don wan change. Is good to stand da way it be. Dat is da way it was, da way it is, an dat will be da way it stay.

Someday perhaps, some chapters will fully close, but perhaps they weren't meant to. Leave enough of what was to give the present its full meaning.

At least as long as there are those who have the courage to tell it like it was.

Frank :)

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