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Flights Of Fancy
Chapter 8 The Apple Blossom Festival

by SamiJo Mcquiston (Age: 29)
copyright 11-04-2004

Age Rating: 13 +

Twinkling lights of pink and blue lined the underground city. The intoxicating sent of baked apples filled the air. The villagers were playing games, dancing traditional dances, and there were stories being told. Framon told Rainia it was The Festival Of Apple Blossoms. It happened once a year, the exact day after the last apple ripened; everyone would gather in the village to celebrate a fine harvest and thank the Gods for their good fortune.
“It’s so wonderful,” Rainia said with awe as she tried to look ten places at once. She was so excited she would have forgot about Galeber if he hadn’t appeared suddenly in front of her.
“My Lady,” he said grimly. Framon noticed him and took her leave.
“Sir,” she acknowledged him tartly.
“Don’t be like that,” he pleaded.
“I have no use for your name if you’ve no use for mine,” she stated.
“Very well then, Lady,” he said remorsefully, “Will you be kind enough to join me in the festivities?”
“If it would please you, Sir,” she said and took the arm he quickly offered her. They walked over to one of the games being played. A woman stood in the middle of a circle of men, she went around kissing each one of the men. Her hands were tied behind her back so she could not feel the men and her eyes covered with a cloth, so she could not see him. She had to be able to tell her husband by his kiss. Rainia found it fascinating, Galeber found it barbaric. The women in the middle picked the wrong man and there was a roar of laughter, from everyone except her husband who had set himself sulking in a corner.
“Come, Rainia,” Lootasa cooed from among the crowed, “ you will be our middle women. Galeber come join the circle. Come now.”
“I really don’t….,” Galeber persisted to late, Rainia had already gotten away from him. She gave him a clever smile as she was having her hands and eyes bound. He reluctantly joined the circle. He watched as she went around the circle kissing man after man, he didn’t like it. Was it possible that he was jealous? No, he thought, that can’t be it, can it?
Finally it was his turn. He felt a spark as her lips touched his; she stopped signifying that she’d made her choice. She smiled when she saw him.
“I knew you instantly,” she said proudly, “ but I must confess the third man I kissed was much better than you.” She winked at the third man, and he blushed. Even to seven armed people she was a beauty. The mans wife slapped him for blushing.
“I think you rather prefer mine though,” he said and leaned in towards her. Rainia moved away quickly.
“Sir, please maintain your distance,” she pleaded, “I would not want you to treat me as anything less than a Lady.” Damn her he thought, she was so aggravating, and not at all charming.
“As you wish, Lady,” he said and stepped backwards. Rainia looked disappointed. “What would you like to see next?”
“I don’t know. What would you like to see,” she asked coyly. She played games well, but since she was a princess that was expected.
“Let us get something to eat,” he ventured.
“Oh, are you hungry? I am not, but I have this. You may eat it if you like,” she offered him the pear.
“Thank you, Lady,” he accepted it. It looked so good, he took a bite instantly. Galeber felt strange he continued to eat the pear until not even the core was left. Something was wrong; he couldn’t put his finger on it, but he was strangley aroused.
“That was disgusting,” Rainia announced once he had finished.
“I was very hungry,” he explained.
“I couldn’t tell,” Rainia said sarcastically. Galeber just rolled his eyes and offered her his arm again.
“Where to now,” Galeber questioned?
“How about the fortune teller,” Rainia said excitedly, “I saw him a couple leanias back that way.”
“Alright, then. To the fortunetellers,” he still didn’t feel right, but what could go wrong at a party? Plenty, but usually nothing too astronomical. Rainia continued to lead him back through the leanias, until they came to a particularly colorful one. A picture of a crystal ball was in front of the door, and a man with a turban sat within.
“Come in, come in,” the fortuneteller invited them. “What would you have me do for you, hmmmm… would you like to see your future, perhaps a far away loved one,” he asked?
“Can you do that,” she asked, “ show me a loved one, I mean?”
“Anything for a pretty Lady,” he flirted, Galeber was not amused, “Tell me the name of the person you would like to see.”
“Her name is Adibell Davinrose of Shalineya,” Rainia said quickly. The fortuneteller closed his eyes and murmured a few strange sentences. The ball went a misty blue and the fortuneteller smiled.
“Go ahead Lady,” he tempted her, “Look within the ball.” Rainia didn’t see anything in the mists, at first. After a few minutes of looking she began to see a picture, some what distorted, but she had no doubt that it was Adibell. She had been chained in the dungeon; tears streaked her restless face; who could have done this Rainia thought. She watched Hestger walk in. That bastard! He threw Adibell against the wall; he was yelling something at her. Then she saw him begin to lift her skirts, Rainia could watch no more, tears ran freely on her own face.
“My lady,” Galeber interrupted, “Are you alright.”
“No,” she said quietly, “ no I am not, please take me somewhere where I can lie down.”
“I’m sorry, Lady,” the fortuneteller apologized; he must have seen Adibell too. Galeber took her by the arm and lead towards an empty leania. Rainia could barely breath, was she the cause of her dear friend’s pain?
“What did you see,” Galeber asked her once they were in the leania?
“It was so horrible,” she sobbed, “ I have to stop Hestger, I just have too.”
“I’m sorry, Lady,” he soothed and pulled her in his arms. The strange feeling came back stronger now, something wasn’t normal; there sat Rainia sat in his arms begging for comfort and all he could think about was doing more pleasurable things with her.
“Oh, Galeber,” she said kissing him on the cheek in thanks. Galeber couldn’t let it stop there though; he kissed her on the mouth. Rainia tried to fight a little, but she gave in to him, after all isn’t this what she wanted? They kissed for what seemed to be hours to Rainia before he finally laid her on the floor and moved over her.

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