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~Our Writers~

by Jeniffer Brand (Age: 47)
copyright 11-07-2004

Age Rating: 4 +

Just a thank you to the friends here on this site.
You all inspire me and give me much hope!
I enjoy reading all of the things you write.
You help me to deal and help me to cope!

All of your lives, emotions, and peotry inventions,
Your hopes and dreams, laughter and sadness,
Come out on paper to help with the tensions,
And help people deal with the everyday madness!

Here, it is true, no one is ever alone.
Here, we all share our precious creations.
Here, it is true, we set our own tone.
Here, we all share our life's relations.

I thank you all for your peoms and stories.
You'll never really know how they make me feel.
I appreciate you sharing the sadness and glories.
You'll never really know, my gratitude is real.

Thank you all for helping others.
You never know whose heart you touch.
If it's Mom's, Dad's or Siter's and Brother's.
But for most, your writings are life's crutch!

~Thank you all for bringing much talent to the table.
I'm really nobody here on PNP, just me, wanting to say thank you!!!~

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        08-06-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I have a poem like this...Oh yea its on the hotel wall. This site has brought me many nights of laughs and smiles. I've been is the service business all my life in one way or another and I can relate to the "Hotel Frustrations" I have mentioned you and others in many poems to show how much p-n-p has meant to me! This is great! Anthony

        05-02-2005     James Shammas        

Wonderful tribute to a great, safe, happy fellowship of humble writers!


        12-10-2004     Stephen Washam        

Don't ever think you are a nobody because you are a very talented writer. Keep up the great work. Take care and Have fun. Steve

        12-08-2004     Mervin H. Dochterman        

You may have never read my work but we all owe you for your kind words. Thank you Jeniffer well done.

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