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Winter Snow In Memories Created

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 11-17-2004

Age Rating: 4 +

It is said that the Good King searches for a place to bless

Her face went soft and the world spun left to right
Time left the mind and she was there again in the snow
First snow angel of the year and a perfect one at that
No question judging on a scale hell to heaven, heaven version

Home he picks is dressed in winters best

Tip toes in the evergreen rabbits dancing for supper kettle on
Foxes place full of youngins looking over the slim pickens
Chicken coop looking might tempting fat old lazy dog a problem
Old roster pecking like mad on mommas back youngins get more

Children the ones who are pure of heart allow the good to start

Jenny runs out the door for the school bus spies angels in snow
Stops only a moment in wonder of this image left by sometime during the night
Normal silence greets each passerby beauty is in the beholders eye
Pure of heart and soul finds the images more valuable than gold

Tough the road back in mind love once brought lingers in her heart

House back set off the road night gives it a special glow picture perfect
Each element makes the card of an artists dreams love boils over to the scene
Old rail fence leads to barn and house outlined in trees and stars Purple Mountain
Snow graces the landscape and the mind of children race to the warmth inside

Once a King in winter cold followed a poor man home giving him a simple gift of love

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