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Flights Of Fancy
Chapter 11 Hanavera

by SamiJo Mcquiston (Age: 29)
copyright 12-13-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

Rainia found the lake with ease. It was hard to miss something that huge. It seemed to go on for miles, she couldn’t see an end to it. A little intimidated, she didn’t want to get to near to the water, so she called from the shore.
“Hanavera,” she called out, “Hanavera!”
“Who calls me,” a voice from the depths whispered.
“I am Rainia Meagotholia Kilebeth, Princess of Shalineya,” she replied.
“What can I do for you, your highness,” the voice cackled.
“I need out of this forest, I was told you can help,” she asked masking her doubt.
“I can, for a price,” the voice said greedily.
“What is your price,” she asked?
“I want your child,” it laughed and sprung out of the water. It was the most horrifying thing she’d ever seen. It’s long black hair covered its grey clammy skin. It flickered its blood red tongue between it’s pointed teeth.
“I have no child,” Rainia replied stepping back.
“Don’t lie to me girl,” the thing warned, “I can smell it. Come on, give it me.”
“But, I haven’t one,” Rainia persisted.
“Unborn, then? Yes, that’s it. I will take it anyway,” Hanavera stated.
“No,” Rainia screamed and jumped away from her.
“Oh, yes,” Hanavera said and stretched her arm out to grab her. Rainia screamed and tried to get away, but she couldn’t.
“Lootasa, Galeber, Somebody, Help,” she screamed!
Galeber was well above Times Forest now, but he heard Rainia’s screams. What could be happening he thought in a panic, as he turned back into the forest? Surely she hadn’t tried to get in the lake, what if she had? Oh, ye gods, he thought, Hanavera. He flew faster.
“Give me your child,” Hanavera demanded pawing at Rainia’s stomach.
“Let me go,” Rainia yelled uselessly.
“Oh, young, foolish, child, I will have what I want,” she replied.
“Let her go,” Galeber’s voice boomed from behind them.
“Who dares interfere,” Hanavera questioned?
“Turn and face me, you wretched hag,” Galeber taunted. Hanavera dropped Rainia, and turned to see Galeber. Her face sparked with cruel recognition.
“Galeber, my love. It has been so long,” she teased him.
“It would have been longer if I could have helped it,” he spat.
“Oh, you missed me,” she laughed.
“ Hardly,” he stated and turned to Rainia, “Run!” Hanavera turned swiftly around and caught Rainia with her long cold tail.
“Let me go,” she screamed!
“Not before I get…,” Hanavera didn’t finish before Galeber ran a branch through her tail. She shrieked in furry, and dropped Rainia. This time she ran as soon as she picked herself up off the ground.
“Run, Rainia, and don’t look back,” Galeber called after her. But she stopped and turned towards him gleefully.
“You used my name! Oh, I knew you loved me,” she yelled happily.
“It’ll be the last if you don’t get out of here,” he reminded her harshly as he held Hanavera back with a large branch.
Rainia turned back around and ran back towards the village. She had no intention of going back there though, Lootasa had tried to get her killed. How could he? Rainia decided to think about that later. Galeber was in danger, and she couldn’t help. All she could do was wait.

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        12-23-2004     Sam Hackel-Butt        

I knew it... seal them together with a child! Smart. Reminds me of my story that I believe you started reading :P

LOL! It's amazing, the similarities between both our stories!

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