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Cuckoo Clock, Where Are You?

by usprincess123
copyright 12-28-2004

Age Rating: 7 +

We get cuckoo clocks,
Each year we get a different one.
I love the new one even more.
I like them very much, I say.
But when you grow up, it gets to be a bore.
My parents laugh confusedly.
and give each other a look.
What should we do, they wonder,
but continue reading their book.
As the holidays come, I already miss the clocks.
I feel as if my heart is broken in half.
On Christmas, "Where are the clocks?"I ask.
My parents shrug and laugh.

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        08-16-2012     Adam David Mckim        

The meaning I get from this is as a child, you got a new clock every Christmas. Over time, it became boring and they stopped. Then after a few years, you start to miss getting them and you wonder why they stopped. I may be way off but that's what I get from this. It is a good write. I liked it.

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