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by Anthony Lane Stahlhut (Age: 56)
copyright 01-08-2005
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 4 +

They come to me in the rough,
without the sparkle and shine.
I work very hard to polish them,
though it seems I have little time.

I remove the small pieces of dirt
and smooth out the rough parts.
Trying to make them glimmer and shine
thier way into everyone's hearts.

Some of them are diamonds.
Of corse there are rubies, too.
If I polish them just right,
they will be more precious to you.

Its funny how I watch them change,
with the use of many tools.
I watch how they transform with time
although they are always jewels.

You cannot wear them on your hand
or as a chain around your head.
You must care for them as they grow.
They sparkle in the heart instead.

I am speaking of all the children.
how they blossom with the right tools.
More precious than diamonds or rubies.
For these, are God given jewels.

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        02-24-2005     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

YAY!!! Absolutely perfect... and I'm talking about the theme here. Although, the poem was cute as well.

I absolutely ADORE children and ran a day care for thirteen years and loved EVERY MINUTE of it! What's more precious that being allowed to mold the life of a child and so positively affect the future one life at a time?

What could be more precious that the love of an innocent and wide eyed child holding out a dadelion to you?

What is more heartwarming that a child whispering in a prayer, "And thank you for Miss Mary. She's the best hugger ever," or hearing my child over a long distance phone call say with a sigh, "My heart hurts when I can't hug you at night." *tears*

I love the little children, and the big ones, and skinny ones, and... lol. They are all God's inheritance, true? Spend your time with them wisely.

        01-26-2005     Gregory Christiano        

Abthony: This is another gem. Well crafted with a heartwrenching theme. Excelent all around.

        01-21-2005     Sarah Taylor        

I was also impressed with the direction you took with the topic of Jewels. This is a truly beautiful poem.


        01-10-2005     Stefanie Mendoza        

I saw a contest up on the board for this month titled Jewels and at a first glance the obvious way to go is to write about sparkling gems and stones, but you did something so much better. You wrote about the true precious 'jewels' found on this earth. This piece is beautifully written and your messege is incredible.


        01-09-2005     David Pekrul        

Children certainly are jewels. It is our responsiblity as adult to polish them by our example until they shine.

I wrote a poem recently called "A Child Is A Wonder". I will upload it one day.

Small critique: a few spelling errors, other than than, terrific.

David Pekrul

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