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The Winds of Change

by Roger Crique (Age: 60)
copyright 01-17-2005

Age Rating: 7 +
The Winds of Change

Autumn leaves gently falling down
Banking in the wind, drifting to the ground
Squirrels darting to and fro, gathering nuts
Barely making any sound

It's a hurried time in the park
Where the animals come out to feed and gather
Specially late at night, in the dark
Where time and space does not matter

Verdure dissolves in the patchy soil
Winter approaches to blanket the grass
The birds fly south, a much needed toil
Because the winds are blowing and the chill amasses

A little slumber for a while
The time will come and pass
It will all make sense again
The rainbow will come out at last

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        10-12-2005     Regina Pate        


        10-12-2005     Regina Pate        

I have read this again and I have found the flow, and I love it, I just had to slow down to find it. I read thing really fast, because I write really fast, so I can keep up with my brain. You are teaching me patience and I am learning how to take me time also, my time will come I am sure of that now, I just have to work with nature not against it. I know that now, love doesn't just happen it is a seed and it must bloom and it must spread before it dies, I knew the last part but I always have trouble with the first part. I don't like watching the grass grow but I love looking at the flowers bloom. Things happen in their own season, but I always remember to forever spread, A little love. You are teaching me a great deal and I do love you for that my dear Roger. Thank you. Great write, good job,

your Reina

        09-08-2005     Regina Pate        

hmm... very interesting, I like the poem but it doesn't seem to be the style I am use to from you. A little interrupted flow a little shaky, doesn't quite makes sense, I wonder why a phase, a season, wheres the rainbow on your face smile my friend, smile!

        08-07-2005     Lauren Turner        

I like this poem alot!

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