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I'm Your Mailman

by Anthony Lane Stahlhut (Age: 56)
copyright 01-19-2005
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 4 +

Hello I'm your mailman.
See me walking down your blocks.
Going from door to door,
I've got a package for your box.

I just deliver to the address,
though I don't know whats within.
I hope its not to big to fit,
so I can slip it in.

Sometimes they are awaiting,
the package when it arrives.
Other times the mail piles up,
makes no difference in their lives.

Sometimes I'm greeted with anger,
and some are ever so kind.
Mostly I just leave the mail
unless I need something signed.

I never complain about the weather
or the many, miles I log.
The exercise can never hurt,
but there is an occasional dog.

I try to get there on time
and I hope I never fail.
Please remember I'm not a magician,
I only deliver the mail

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        11-29-2005     David Pekrul        

I had a 'junk mail' delivery route when I was in college, so I can relate to this, especially the part about dogs. Is this written from experience?

        11-13-2005     Leeann Monat        

Your observation of mailmen is spot on! You're right. They're not magicians. I love your use of rythm and meter. Thank you for writing a poem about one of the hardest working forces in America. Wonderful job.

        05-30-2005     Delaney Lindley        

LOL This is so cute! I love it. I've never heard of someone writing from this point of view. It's so cute! one more time- This is CUTE!

        03-19-2005     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

OK, innocent poem... innocent enough. And innocent comments as well. I won't ruin the streak. I'll keep my mouth shut. :-)

        03-09-2005     tigerlilly        

WOW! I never thought of mailmen that way!

        03-09-2005     Jeniffer Brand        

Hey nice write. I'll never see the mail man the same again. Promise.

        01-24-2005     Elizabeth Thompson        

This poem certianly complies with the contest rules to write about a mailman. I have to admit that I found myself smiling as I read through the story. This work is presented well, with a good rhyme scheme and good imagery as a smooth flow. It flows smoothly and makes an enjoyable read.

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