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by Roger Crique (Age: 60)
copyright 01-24-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

I am and I shall be
and that's all I hear
But who could tell me crystal clear?
Theories are out there

Scholars are plentiful
Each with his thoughts of grandeur
A helpful hint to this consternation
unparalleled and sound I ask

Who could tell me the truth?
We are old now and once bore youth
Thus we head, right back to the beginning
My ear thus I'm leaning for ignorance truce

No one here knows for sure
yet we think we know
How we come to be and do mature?
I am now here and tomorrow who shall say?
For there, right there, in an Earthen pit
an assurance of stay remains

Who knows the time or number?
If we knew, we would a blunder abstain?
Questions remain and thus intrigue me
If we surely knew the truth
the truth could we sustain?

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        09-06-2005     Regina Pate        

well, not to freak any body out, but, let me just say, no big deal, I do "sometimes" have premonitions of the future. It really irritates me because I can never do anything about it. Then someone once told me just because you can see the finish line doesn't mean you don't have to run the race. It is not important what your Ithaca is, what is important is that we keep striving to get there yet hope we never do because our imagination is far greater than such. This is a journey my friend, indeed, but why? Just as a baby is born into a whole new world after a period of development in a different world, so are we, here to develop and grow and as a baby dies and is reborn, when we die we shall be reborn. Mother Earth had the egg, Our Father God had the seed, they made love, she is pregnant indeed. Now do you see. That is the truth, at least for me.

        09-01-2005     David Pekrul        

Life is (or should be) an adventure. I don't want to know what is around the corner. That mystery lies in God's hands, so I put my life in His hands also. Now I can live each day with confidence.
I also wrote a poem about questions, found at:

        08-31-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

If you were to know the ending what would be the reason for the journey? If you knew what would happen, you wouldn't do it and then what would happen? Questions that beget questions. Makes you think in circles. Anthony

        08-31-2005     Brian Dickenson        

Yet more questions on what is an unanswerable theme.
Throughout time these questions have been asked. Some profess to know the answers, but they are only guessing.
I believe that if we could see into the future it would drive us insane.
As to why we are here, who knows. It could just be the right combination of chemicals in the right place at the right time.
Keep asking the questions.

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