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Feeling of Love

by Jane Lee (Age: 23)
copyright 01-31-2005
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 10 +

Everywhere I look,
I see people.

People laughing together,
People crying together,
People singing together,
People holding hands...

I do not understand...
Why do they do this?
I do not understand the meaning...

As I turn around,
I see a person.

I am shy so I hide,
But that person comes up to me,
and holds me tight to his chest.

Repeating the words 'I'm sorry',
A small drip of water comes down his face.

What is this feeling?
It’s a warm and happy feeling...
Is this the feeling of love?

“Let me be with you”

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        09-08-2007     Richard Reed Jr        

Every time I read one of your pieces I am touched through and through. I can feel the love come out loud and clear.

Please keep your poems coming.

They're great,


        11-06-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Ahhhh, another love poem that didn't (amazingly!) make me gage. This kind I can relate to, up until the last three paragraphs. Stubborn little bugger I am, determined to be "strong". A quote that really stuck with me:

Teach me the definition of "Strength". I wonder if it means to carry out my original intention at any cost, or does it mean to protect what I ought to protect even at the post of my life? Maaya Sakamoto, song name: Hemisphere. There's a loooooooooot more to quote in Hemisphere like that.

Another beautiful poem, my only suggestion is to add some capital letters to the start of each line and some commas. Great work, keep writing!

Your friend,
Leigh of the Commenting Crusaders!

P.S. I don't know how you could ever say nobody likes your work...I love it!

        05-11-2006     Shannon Walter        

This is sweet, LOVE is a wonderful feeling I imagin. I have never felt love toward anyone except my family.

        12-05-2005     Haley Robinson        

WOW! I like this poem alot. It's peaceful and sweet. Good job! I can't wait to read more things from you.

None Other Than,


        10-21-2005     Lyra Meurer        

Wow...That is good. I feel like that a lot too...Sorta...detatched...

        08-14-2005     Euna Park        

These words bounce around in my head. I can almost hear them going 'boing boing boing'. They hold my attention, and make me think about it. This is really good!

        06-18-2005     Andrew Findlay        

I really love the way you write. It is so natural and flows well. Great work!

        04-25-2005     Mika Lee        

Oh yeah, why'd u choose Chobits? How'd Chobits come to your mind?

        04-24-2005     Mika Lee        

great work, I'm jealous of u, you're like better than me at anything Wah... Jane I miss u

        03-09-2005     Lucy Suzume Qian        

Wow, this is a really good poem!!!!!!!! I like it very much!!!!!! =^.^= Good job!!!!!!!! *Clap clap clap*

        02-25-2005     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

You know what? There are many types of love mentioned in the Bible. There's Philia, Agape, Eros, ... They sort of relate to Family Love, Unconditional Love, Erotic Love, and so forth.

Perhaps it's not the "LOVE" as in "Love at first site" or "Soulmate Love"... but perhaps it's just a shared common love of mankind in general. The kind that elicits empathy and sympathy for another person. I have heard it quoted this way... "It's your pain my heart".

Well, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. (Psst... I entered the contest too. Let me know what you think.)


        02-19-2005     hedwig        

Woah are you like dancing in my head? lol This is a really good veiw of the tender feelings of love.

        02-08-2005     Jane Lee        

I don't know if the person is in love or is just sad for the shy person. I guess you could just imagine which one it is. Either way it's love.

        02-06-2005     usprincess123        

I like this poem very much. Although it was a bit confusing, I mean I don't think that the person was in love with you, but all in all it is a good poem. Keep on writing!

        01-31-2005     SamiJo Mcquiston        

This is very pretty. And so full of meaning.
It's amazeing isn't it? You can be just walking along with no idea of what love is, then bam! It's right there in front of you. Absolutely an enchanting piece.
Keep up the good work.

        01-31-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

This is nice, but be sure you know the person giving you the hug. That might not be love. Good write I enjoyed reading it! Thanks, Anthony

        01-31-2005     Jane Lee        

The anime 'Chobits' inspired me to write this poem. I don't know but I just felt like writing a poem at that time I thought of it. I hope you like this!

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