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Pilgrim Poet

by Nancy Pawley
copyright 02-03-2005

Age Rating: 13 +
Pilgrim Poet
Picture Credits: By Robert Betts

Scorpio’s southern sky
is cast in mystic bronze
Perfume perfected wishing well,
Constellation Neon

Turquoise-scented petals
dust the surface of Antares,
Washed aglow with languid afterthoughts,
infinity’s bouquets

Gold-dredged angel spirits
suspended in translucent starships
spread the ripening sun
across your grasping fingertips

Vivid candle-spheres
seek the scriptured pilgrim poet
Unlocking Saturday’s secret fantasies;
the writer’s day-dream opiate

Pending prayers are fragrant incense,
afternoon’s seeping pledge
Snow-bound silence finally interrupted
by teardrop’s liquid edge

Eternal Providence bestows
Valhalla’s comet on Life’s busy pathway
Destiny’s multifaceted diamond
tracing reality’s hidden highway

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        07-14-2005     James Shammas        

God, your writing is sumptuous. I hope you don't mind me comparing you to the great romantics, but as I've just finished reading most of Keats, I'm primed to appreciate your wonderful verse. Every single word seems so well chosen, charged, and interlocked and influenced by the other words around it, like a great medieval tapestry. I'm jealous!-- I just couldn't accomplish this.


        02-06-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Eloquintly spoken! Thanks, Anthony

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