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Torn and Tattered

by Anthony Lane Stahlhut (Age: 56)
copyright 03-21-2005

Age Rating: 7 +
Torn and Tattered

If you see her in the light of day
you will be greeted with a smile.
She'll give no glimpse of her dismay.
Pretending to be happy, all the while.

She continues to do, what she has to do
though she knows, sometimes it's not right.
Forced to do what she's not supposed to,
but she does it to get through the night.

You can try to cover this with velvet and lace
or excuses if you think that it mattered.
The real problem lies beneath the face
of the one that's been torn and tattered.

Monsters of the world no longer hide in the dark.
They are everywhere that one can see.
They take one's innocence and leave a mark
with their distorted sense of reality.

If you saw some money in the mud.
You'd want it, like the dirt even mattered.
If you saw someone's soul and understood.
You'd see how they were torn and tattered.

She doesn't let anyone get that close
even when thinking they know her mind.
They will only get, bits and pieces at most
of the life that she leaves behind.

Someday someone will give value to her life
and show her, she's really what mattered.
That she won't be judged, by her strife
or the things that were torn and tattered.

If you see her in the light of day.
You will be greeted with a smile.
She'll give no glimpse of her dismay,
pretending to be happy, all the while.

Inspired by the works of Mary "BrytEyz" Ball

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        05-26-2005     James Shammas        

Boy, the words really flow effortly and express the theme so eloquently. Wonderful!

        05-06-2005     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Psst... just wanted to thank you again! :-)

        04-02-2005     Emily Garwood        

WOW and excellent poem (nothing out of the ordinary for you :) ) you really portray whats going on it's as if the one picture you put turns into a movie...but with out seeing it we have to imagine're very talented with things like that...anyways a very good write and i enjoyed it untill the very last word keep it up.


        03-24-2005     Heather Jackson        

I felt this peice. I lived it. Great work capturing the heartbreak borne by the ones so broken they can't see their own worth. I wish we could all look and see the broken ones, and help them see themselves as they truly are...treasured and valued beyond price

        03-23-2005     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

We all wear masks to hide
what we don't want to share,
we wear our masks every day
so no one knows we're there.

We hide from the world
that only hurts us and bleeds
the life that pumps within us
and steals every one of our needs

Professing love, friendship
offering what they have not to give
hoping they can dig in your coffers
as long as you chance to live

So avoid the mosters
hoping they can't see you
Hide behind the mask
that's hiding the real you

Thank you for mentioning my works. It's an honor be connected with such a great artist! :-)

        03-22-2005     Walter Jones        

Image is a grab with the words used, voiced in a manner that captures and expresses insight, a feel for and lot in empathy. Expansion of expression, a good share. Walt

        03-22-2005     Jack Curson        

Absolutely Wonderful! I believe this could go with some music. Great flow and well thought out. Excellent!

        03-21-2005     David Pekrul        

This is definitely my favourite of all your works. It immediately caught me up in the drama and it flowed well and was easy to read.

This is my favourite stanza:
"If you saw some money in the mud.
You'd want it, like the dirt even mattered.
If you saw someone's sole and understood.
You'd see how they were torn and tattered".
(except 'sole' should be spelled 'soul'. I know, I'm picky, picky, picky.)

There's a lot of thought and feeling in this work.
Thanks for writing it.

I don't have any points to give you, but if you're like me, the points don't matter, only the comments.

David Pekrul

        03-21-2005     Doreen Reynolds        

Having seen the monsters and experienced the dark side of life we hide behind the smile so everyone thinks you are happy but sometimes we realise that perhaps we shall never be happy in the sense of innocence again. Perhaps we exist.
I think you have got the sense of it.

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