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Our Masks

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 03-23-2005

Age Rating: 7 +

We all wear masks to hide
what we don't want to share,
we wear our masks every day
so no one knows we're there.

We hide from the world
that only hurts us and bleeds
the life that pumps within us
and steals every one of our needs

Professing love, friendship
offering what they have not to give
hoping they can dig in your coffers
as long as you chance to live

So many avoid the monsters
hoping they can't see you
Living behind a mask
that's hiding the real you


Written in appreciation for Anthony Lane Stahlhut's "Torn And Tattered"

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        04-13-2005     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

See, I think it's a shame that too many people are out there hiding behind their masks! I, for one, "wear my heart on my sleeve" so to say. Yes, it's more vulnerable, but nobody can ever say that I have ever loved short of what I could have. I lived, breathed, and loved every moment of my life to the fullest. Granted I had much further to fall when it ended... but I'll tell you... the heights that it took me to still leave me breathless!!! I wouldn't change it for the world. I see my son as he's growing and many times he comes dangerously close to putting on one of those masks. The man he is becoming inside is much too precious to hide. I sincerly hope he learns that and doesn't mimic the mistakes of others too closely. He'll be making enough of his own, I'm sure. LOL.

        04-13-2005     David Pekrul        

This sounds like Hollywood and all the 'plastic people'. If people don't get to know the real you, there can never be real friendship, and we all need friends to help us through the bad times and rejoice with us during the good.
Good write.

        04-06-2005     Justin Mccormick        

Very nice, I loved it. It seems natural to hide your flaws, or put yourself in a better place than you are. I have been the victim of much disgression and pain, and thus have hidden under a mask. Now my true self tries to shine through. I just don't see why we now have to still wear them...

        03-28-2005     Delaney Lindley        

LOVE IT!!! Pretty and truthful, Absolutely one of my favs.

        03-25-2005     Walter Jones        

For the shadow of life hangs just beyond time eternal, in the world I live mask of soul or soul of mask always a question, a wonderful poem.. alt

        03-24-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Hiding behind the mask, although it may save you from some pain, it will also mask your true personality and loved ones will not know the real you. The love they have will be for the mask. Be careful what you portray, sometimes the pain can be good!(not the feeling, but the result)No one deserves to feel bad, but you must experence both sides to know what truely is you! Thanks, Anthony

        03-23-2005     James Shammas        

In the last stanza, is "moster" supposed to be "monster?"
The real wonder of life, for me, is finding the
'real me' behind all the masks. Does it really exist under all those layers of the onion? It seems nowhere, yet perhaps is everywhere!I can get very metaphysical with this one.


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