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by James Shammas (Age: 52)
copyright 03-29-2005

Age Rating: 4 +

Opened ears will hear
bells ringing in distant hills:
Sunday morning songs.

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        10-13-2006     Kimberly Prom        

Quite wonderful indeed!! I enjoy your writings very much. Excellent write!!

        05-07-2005     Jean George        

And those who wish to sleep late use cotton...Just kidding. I like the rhythmic quality of this one and again you have layers of meaning, the obvious of being awake and alert literally hearing the bells chime, and then opening your ears to God's word, etc. and again opening your senses fully to the beauty of nature and worshiping God in His green mansions....I am adding this one also to my collection...thank you

        04-08-2005     Esther Tsvayg        

hearing is the most important thing you
would wish for you should
hearing without any
ears but it simply wont work

        03-29-2005     Jack Curson        

Another picture perfect Hiaku. Great job.

        03-29-2005     David Pekrul        

The Bible says, "He that hath ears, let him hear".
This poems say so much. Excellent!!

David Pekrul

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