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The Criminal Mind

by David Pekrul
copyright 03-30-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

What goes on in the criminal mind,
What ever is he thinking,
That he will violate you and me,
With not so much as blinking?

He seems to have no moral code,
And thinks that all is fine,
He thinks that all is owed to him,
So takes what's yours and mine.

Sometimes we think with 'criminal minds',
And take much more than we give,
Thinking of 'us' and not of 'them',
Not caring that they, too, must live.

We're greedy and very self-centered,
Thinking of me, mine and I,
Believing that all is owed to us,
And whatever we want, we can buy.

But that kind of reason will trap us,
We'll live in a jail of our making,
We'll wander the halls of our prison,
And live out our lives without waking.

It's still not too late for redemption,
Release from our bonds is in sight,
We'll break down the walls of our prison,
As long as we do what is right.

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        04-09-2005     Michelle Ackmann        

To understand the mind of a criminal, we must first assess why it is that they commit crimes in the first place. If we seriously allowed ouraelves to apply every theory to every crime to every person, we would lose ourselves. This poem is great. It brought up a lot of things and people I once knew. Congrats on a job well done!

        03-31-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Its not just the criminal that only thinks of theirselves. Doing what is right and fair is a good way to help get back on track. Good write David. Anthony

        03-30-2005     David Pekrul        

I think the criminal mind must be quite complex and strange. I once met and talked to the leader of a motorcycle gang, who seemed like such a nice, polite person. But I guess when he got together with the rest of his gang, he became violent. Who can really tell what is inside a persons mind?
Thanks for commenting on this poem.

David Pekrul

        03-30-2005     Sammy Anderson        

Yes!! I'm the first one to comment! hehe, sorry. I think this poem, it's so true. A lot of us think with our own criminal minds. But we can't help it sometimes. I guess actual criminals don't know the impact that they had on other people until they've had time to think about it. Last year we had some people from jail come in and talk to us, and they seemed really nice.

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