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Daydreaming In The Night

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 04-21-2005

Age Rating: 13 +

In the night while the sun is sleeping
and the darkness shrouds the land
Although I lay awake in bed
I still can't keep from dreaming

We're walking through the streets
that the rain has covered neatly
Dancing and splashing as we play
But look! We haven't gotten wet

Immune to the harsh world around us
Oblivious to all that's true and there
We're content to simply be, and
enjoy this precious moment together

Putting work and everything else aside
Managing to escape tedious reality
We've found complete happiness
in a would be meeting somewhere

Only a vision, I roll over and sigh
Looking at the streets where I am
I know we'll never live the dream
Here, there... or anywhere really

For the paths of life have led us
in completely opposite directions
Too far we are to reach the other
to hear or even see the other

I look out my window and see
it's REALLY raining on the street
I realize I'm not wet and grin because
at least PART of the dream's come true
As I begin spring cleaning, I find a lot of forgotten things... like little scraps of napkins and receipts... with poems scribbled all over them! LOL. I can't EVEN remember when I wrote this, but I'll post it now. I'm placing it first in workshop because most all of my poems rhyme and that's what comes naturally for me. When I write something that doesn't... well it just doesn't seem like a poem to me. So, I'd like your opinion and/or suggestions. - Thank you.

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        05-11-2009     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Wow, anywhere from a 1 star to a 5 star for this poem. Well, thanks Lauren, for bringing up my overall rating on this by giving me five stars. LOL. And no, poems don't have to rhyme... mine just usually do. It's hard for me NOT to rhyme... making this one especially difficult. You know? But I'm glad you enjoyed... and you've been a busy bee reading all my stuff! LOL. Thank you very much!

        05-09-2009     Lauren Turner        

Never mind if it rhymes or not.
Free verse is a BEAUTIFUL thing, and you have great talent for it, Ms. Mary. It gave me a feeling of just wishing to go back to a time where you thought you had it all...but you know that you can't.
You have SO much talent...please keep writing!

        05-16-2005     Crystal (bunny) Johnson        

well well, this is a sad but good poem. we all go different ways, and some how we end up meeting where we first met.this poem was really good.

        04-22-2005     David Pekrul        

I love laying in bed at night and just day-dreaming. This is a good write. No one said a poem has to rhyme. I write mostly rhyming poems, but the ones that have given me the greatest satisfaction are the ones that don't rhyme.

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