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A Young Storm

by James Shammas (Age: 53)
copyright 04-27-2005

Age Rating: 7 +

There was lots of lightning and little rain,
Lying with my son near an open window,
Spring wafting soiled scents like pheromones
Under noses of all kinds of little creatures,
Chris looking up like a plant bending toward the sun,

Exclaiming God must have made us all at once,
Beaming us down here at different times,
His heart resting hard between the beats;
That when we hug, our hearts are joined--
One great big beating one-- always beating...

When the rain started and the lightning stopped,
His face shone like the whitest sun,
Asking if he would grow brighter and bolder,
Smarter, older. But he couldn't hear my anwser--
The muffled chord over all the thunder,
Under all that pounded, under all that poured.

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        07-11-2013     Walter Jones        

Some would love the moment, more would love the voice, me I love the words, the power to share a magical time, poet in image, special the ift and time given, warm and free.. Walt

        04-29-2005     Lyle Berry        

Incredible emotion and warmth in this poem...these are the times to remember...

Best Regards,

        04-29-2005     David Pekrul        

This brings back so many memories of when my kids were young. Whenever there was thunder and lightning, my kids would want every light in the house turned off, so they could watch the lightning lighting up every window.
Thanks for the memories.

        04-28-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

These are the true good times to remember. The time spent with family can be so great. Unconditional love is a wonderful thing!Anthony

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