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by David Pekrul
copyright 05-03-2005
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 7 +

What can be said about Mothers,
That hasn't already been said,
Caring for children all through the day,
'Till it's time to send them to bed.

Hearing their problems, mending their wounds,
Telling them all will be well,
How many things do they do for their kids?
No one can really tell.

Without them we would be nothing,
That's very plain to see,
So I thank God for our Mothers,
For they made what is you and me.

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        05-04-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

In this case any tribute to mom or God can never be a bad thing. I think they are almost as important as each other! Thanks, Anthony

        05-03-2005     Debra Rose        

Wonderful tribute to a very lucky mother. Good job, David. I really enjoyed this.

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