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Thank You, Thank You

by Anthony Lane Stahlhut (Age: 56)
copyright 05-08-2005

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Thank You,  Thank You

Did I say, " Thank You?"
I mean to say, " Thank You."
If I didn't say thank you, "Thank You!"

Sometimes I forget,
this I must admit.
It's some kind of failure of mind.
It's not you,
this is true,
and I don't mean to be so unkind.

I don't know why,
it's just that I,
get lost inside my head.
I don't mean to dis,
I seem to do this,
by doing something else instead.

Did I say," Thank You?"
I mean to say, " Thank You."
If I didn't say thank you, " Thank You!"

I take the blame,
hope you will remain.
Please don't hold it against me.
I'll work tonight,
to get it right.
So in the morning you'll see.

Some little note,
where I have wrote,
I appreciate what ya'll do.
Sorry to miss,
a chance to do this,
and send out a sincere, " Thank You!"

( sometimes in the excitement to read the comments that are written. I think that I may forget to let everyone know just how much I appreciate what everyone thinks. Your comments mean so much, for it seems that most don't have any opinions. So those that are willing to express their thoughts are that much more important. Thank You sincerely for all of your words. Anthony)

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        10-17-2005     Deborah Thomas        

Very good flow! Kinda upbeat and fun. Also very meaningful. I especially like the 3rd stanza... I can relate. And the repitition of the 1st stanza seems to punctuate the fact that we can all be forgetful, even about something so important.
Thank you!

        10-12-2005     Amanda Moore        

How many of us are guilty of this? ME! but I am trying. this is wonderful. By the way whos face is photoshop'd into warped oblivion?

        05-12-2005     Jeniffer Brand        

OMG!!! I have to print this one out and hang it up at the front desk of my hotel!!!! I always tell my staff "thank you" when they leave, but I dont think the believe I mean it. For without them.....I'm STUCK!!!! don't have to thank me. I enjoy your work (when I have the chance to read it all) and enjoy everyone else here. I can relax and unwind here. Everyone is GREAT!!! But thanks for the "thanks", you are toooooo much! hehehehehe.

        05-11-2005     Jean George        

Well Anthony...thank you for your thank yous. I know the confusion of trying to remember who you have thanked and who you were going to thank later when you got the time and how easy it is to mix the lists...I am hoping that I have thanked everyone, but I don't know for sure and I don't want to look like an idiot by sending the same message twice or more!....I feel less guilty now, though, seeing as how you go through the same thing....thank you.

        05-09-2005     Brian Dickenson        

I know exactly what you mean. Two little words that can mean so much.
Together with one other, 'please'.
If only more people would use them.
Unfortunately in these times of falling standards they appear to be becoming obsolete.
There was a time that even when shopping, both the buyer and the seller would say them. Very rare now I fear.
We should start a movement.
'Bring back good manners'.
Well done Anthony.

        05-09-2005     David Pekrul        

I also greatly appreciate the comments. I have tweaked a number of poems because of comments. And in one particular case, "Work", because of your comments and suggestions I re-wrote the whole blame poem (Thank you, thank you, thank you).
I liked your little Texas "Ya'll" in this poem.
Kind of cute, EH? (back at you with some 'Canadian')

        05-08-2005     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

You're so very welcome, Anthony. And thank YOU in return! I know what you mean. When I see that my poem has been read 30, 50, 100, or more times...and I read only a few comments... well, I can't help but wonder what everyone else thought that read it too. Or, maybe I don't want to know? LOL. Anyway, your gratitude is appreciated though hardly necessary. You thank us all the time and I KNOW how much it means to have someone read, rate, and especially comment on our works. I eat the comments up too! :-) I click on the site, then click on my page... and hold my breath to see if there are any red "N's" next to any of my works. :-)

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