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Soldier In White
Chapter 5

by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 05-16-2005

Age Rating: 7 +

"Let me out of here now! Damn it!"
"Be quite small boy. You are just a kid!" Replied the old witch. I smashed my sword on the cage bar with no result like normal.
"When I get out of here I kill you and send your soul to hell!"
"Oh, be quiet you are a kid! A twncy wincy wittel boy!"
I will get out of here... And save her...

"You are so red there must be a 'He' Chkeyru!" Mena said still smiling.
"No! No! No! We have to work on a plan to kill the Dark Sun. Not talk about boy-friends all day!"
"You are just 40ish!" Mean said sighing.
"40ish is not a word, Mean." Ami said sighing even deeper.
"So what?" She asked back.
"The goal of the Dark Sun is to over through the earth because the first Sailor Sun killed the princess of the Dark Sun when she was trying Twp over through the worlds." I said to freeze the ridiculous conversation around me.
"So it's a revenge deal?" Rei asked me.
"Mostly?" Ami asked.
"And there just kill-happy." I said sadly
"What happened to Zhonru..." I whispered so only I could here.
"Did you say some thing Chkeyru?" Ami asked me concerned.
"No... No I didn't." I replied.
"Are you ok Chkeyru?" Ami asked in a motherly voice.
"I think you guys should get home it is dinner time after all." Leta said in take a hint voice.
"I have got to go!" All but Leta said. Looking at there watches or the clock on the wall of the living room.
"What about you, Leta?" I asked looking up.
"My parents died is a airplane." She said sadly.
"Sorry for aksing..."
"They did?!" Serena asked shocked.
"Yes a long time ago..."
"Sorry..." She replied.
"I should get home too. I have to make dinner too." Leta said standing up.
"Bye girls." Ami said.
"Later." They replied.
"Chkeyru, were you thinking of your family before?"
"Ummm... Yeah sort of..."
"Why don't you get a full night of sleep. You must be tired."
"Yeah I guess I will..."
"If you need me, I'm in the other room on the right ."
"Umm, Yeah I konw... Night."
I walked up the stares thinking of Zhonru. Me and him were alway close. And I really do miss him a lot. I was thinking of him and getting confused. We've been only friends for so long. But since he turned 14. And my 13. It's like we were getting... More friendly. And I don't even know if he's alive! I don't know if anyone from my home is still alive. I really miss my Mom, Aunt's, and Zhonru... Maybe even him the most. But I don't know. I'm so confused. My heart is going hay wire! I don't love him! Or... Do I?

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        10-11-2005     Euna Park        

Man, this is really getting good.

Just a couple things that I wanted to say really. You might do better if you made it more clear who was speaking, like towards the end. And you could also check your spelling. 'Aksed' is 'asked'. ^.^

Anyway, great job so far!! Keep it coming!

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