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by Irina Guschina (Age: 62)
copyright 05-24-2005

Age Rating: 10 +


People are sleeping,
One only bird sings her song.
Poet never sleeps.

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        06-24-2005     Jean George        

So true, how often as I slept, the poet part of me stayed awake searching out the perfect word needed to complete a poetic thought, and when I awoke, there it was on the tip of my tongue. A very sweet haiku poem, Irina....Thank you,


        05-26-2005     Walter Jones        

Sweet the song, sweeter the voice of God, the true poet. Best of days.. Walt

        05-25-2005     James Shammas        

This is beautiful. How the poet almost has to suffer and work, without thinking about; it just doing God's will. Maybe that poet, the bird, is constructing a lovely song for the rest to hear when they wake up? I also like the image of gentle activity in the midst of sleep.


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