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An Angel Visit

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 06-09-2005

Age Rating: 16 +

Authors note: Debra a voice I heard reminded me of you

Place escapes
burden dealt
a trying blow

the mind
is kind
it heals
oh so slow

reaps the grief
of others
to view

In the heart
of nevermore
few are left
to slew (slay)

Tender limbs
of yester-year
have laid
their souls
to bare

In a cup
half filled
I find you
living there

verse of
the past
left unseen

We are
the victims
a history
of schemes

Hold close
the book
keep it safe
and warm

On the road
to forever
it will
our hearts
from storm

Morn (mourn) not
the dawn
of time

for it
will stay

lead the last
of words forth
like you
a little child

Time and place
have come to view
last yet
to be
or see

If hope
is but a place
there is
still hope
for me

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        06-25-2005     Jonathon Bywaters        

I like your slant on life. For me this was great

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