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Usagi's Letter---A Story Involving Usagi/Rei's Relationship
Chapter 3---Final Chapter

by chibimars
copyright 06-09-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

~A/N~Hope you all enjoyed the story! There aren't many chapters but each chapter is long. Do the math :) LOL. Enjoy the final chapter!
I got no sleep that night. None. I felt as if I’d be neglecting her by closing my eyes and falling asleep. I know it seems silly, but that is exactly how I felt. I thought about where she was and how she was doing and if she was all right. I was ready to punch myself after the things I had said...

Geez, sometimes it’s hard to picture you as ruler of the moon kingdom! You wouldn’t be able to handle it all!

Do us all a favor and live up to our expectations!

I decided on one thing out of the whole time I was thinking...I was going to start over. Forget everything that Usagi had done to me, and most of all, stop doing the things that I had done to her. I only could hope that I was not too late to start again.

So, the next morning, we all set out in different directions around the city, communicators in hand. I had the letter in my coat pocket. The rain was coming down harder than ever, and after 2 hours, I was just about ready to give up. As I was walking past the telephone booth to the park, I noticed a small figure lying in the corner of the booth. I opened it up, and sure enough, there was Usagi.
“Usagi chan!” I cried. Her eyes were closed, and she was soaking wet. I knelt down and checked her pulse. It was fine. “Is she asleep?” I wondered out loud. I used my communicator to tell the senshi to meet me there. 5 minutes later, they showed up.
“Kitten...” uttered Haruka. Michiru leaned her head on Haruka’s shoulder.
“She has a pulse...But I don’t know if she’s going to stay that way...” I said. Desperately, I grabbed her shoulders and shook her.
“Usagi-chan! Please wake up!” I pleaded. And then, what I thought would never happen did happen. Usagi’s eyes fluttered open. “Rei-chan...minna...This wasn’t supposed to happen...” She mumbled. She shakily stood up, and I helped her out of the booth.
“Usagi-chan!” I said. “What in Kami-sama’s name did you think you were doing? You could have gotten hurt!”
I couldn’t find the words to say any longer. All I did was embrace her in a tight hug.

“I decided to sleep in the booth,” Usagi said, “I didn’t plan on having you all find me...I didn’t want it that way...”
We were sitting at the shrine only moments later, listening to Usagi’s explanation. “I didn’t want to have you all stuck with a whiner like me for a leader forever!” She choked up, and that was when we knew she was done talking.
“Usagi-chan, you are a great leader! Don’t think like that about yourself!” Hotaru said comfortingly.
“I think Rei-chan has a little explaining to do as well”, remarked Makoto, looking at me.
I stood up, tears in my eyes, and I didn’t try to fight them either. “Usagi-chan...” I began. “I...I’m so sorry...for everything I’ve done to you...I don’t’ know what the Sailor Senshi team...or this world...would do without you...G-g-gomen...I just...”
“Did you get my letter?” asked Usagi, cutting me off at just the right time.
I pulled it out of my pocket and nodded.
“Oh, good!” she said.”And I hope Ami-chan didn’t read it...or I’d strangle her!” she said playfully, nudging Ami. Everyone chuckled. “This is the Usagi we know!” exclaimed Setsuna.

There are some days when I just want to go up to Usagi and strangle her! But I know that behind the crybaby and the whiner that I see most of the time, there is a heart of pure gold. There are not a lot of people in this world today that are as kind and generous as Usagi-chan. There is more to her than meets the eye, that’s for sure...oh no...speak of the devil, there goes Usagi with those cookies again...Better go catch her! Ja-ne!


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        01-19-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Wonderful ending to a wonderful and inspirational story! It shows that even friends like Serena and Rei can get along in the end. Kinda reminds me of the time I told my best friends crush that she liked him by accident... I liked him too for that matter, but anyhow. There's few grammar and spelling mistakes at who's saying what does get a little confusing here and there and it's on the short side, but this is a very good story. :) YOu can lower the age rating though. 7+ is more fitting. It shows a good message, and I'm glad I made a acception and read fan fiction! Good work! Too bad it's over... But you always give it a perfect, and funny ending!

        10-13-2005     Emily Garwood        

This is a very good story and grammer to perfection. You captured the real meaning of friendship and how sometimes you have to loose something to realize what you have!!!! sometimes the most annoying person can be the most important one too. keep writing stories you have a talent.


        08-11-2005     Debra Rose        

Usagi and strangle!

do you mean "and strangle her!"?

This was a very, very good story! I really did love this, and I utterly ADORED the way you portrayed Haruka and Michiru in this. I would so die if you ever did even a short little ficlet of them. You have no idea how happy I would be ^_^ lol *hinthint* Just playin ^.~

Correct that mistake, and I'll be glad to give you points on this!

        08-08-2005     Lauren Turner        

        08-08-2005     Lauren Turner        

^_^ That was a good story!

        07-02-2005     Kat Voletto        

I love this piece! I really could see this happening in an episode! You have such a mature, yet fresh perspective... bravo. Looking forward to more work from you in the future.

        06-10-2005     Andrew Findlay        

Great ending to a great story. I think this is one of the best Sailor Moon stories I've read in a long time. I really hope you write more Sailor Moon stuff soon because I always look forward to reading it!

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