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Taking Chances

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 06-11-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

You were walking down
the sideway laying path
past the live band.
My breath,
it stopped,
my heart,
it dropped,
and sweat drops rolled
down my hands.
I began to shake
and my insides quaked
at you--
an interjection of
amongst the crowds
and way too loud
people at this city
I felt my feet
begin to lead
straight to the path
you were walking.
What came over me
could not be beat
by the fear in my head
still talking.
What if you said no?
If you told me to go?
What was I going to say?
What if you were taken?
Could I be shaken?
What if you're not gay?
Before I can think
We're talking
it seems,
you're so far leaning my way.
So I take up the chance
ask your name
and perchance
could I have your number today?

There was silence.

Five minutes later,
I'm feeling much better,
my heart slamming violently.
My palms are still sweating
my eyes dilating,
and your number held close to me.

Authors Update: She never called me back :( *Snuffles* That's okay...mwahahahahaha, more fish in the sea...

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        07-27-2005     Rene Laris        

Aloha Debra,
I love your poems. They are a little long, but you write so well, can't stop reading til the end.

        07-27-2005     Paul Kangas        

Here is some praise ^_^

        07-26-2005     Christopher Carlson        

I like the way this breaks off and is written very rigid. You can feel how uptight you were and worried that you might make a fool of yourself.

Great Write!

        07-26-2005     chibimars        

It's great you're keeping a positive attitude about the fact that she didn't call you back. Hope you find someone better who will! :)


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