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by Lyle Berry (Age: 70)
copyright 09-20-2001

Age Rating: 16 +

Hell opened its putrid maw and vomited
demons onto the unsuspecting Earth.
Some hid in clandestine lairs,
while others skittered forth
and raised up scimitars
to backslash at towers, castle walls and serene fields,
one edge rebounding to sever their own scaly throats.

Grand edifices were fractured to shards,
imploded in fire and brimstone,
innocent thousands crushed beneath
an avalanche of dominoed steel and stone.
The compassionate stared in shock
at the horror
wailed and agonized
as they choked on the stench of death,
while the cowardly demons rejoiced,
danced in their streets
and reveled in the smell.

From beneath the rubble mountain
arose the awakened beast,
dormant for years, yet revitalized -
atomic fire behind teary eyes.
Shaking treachery and ashes from his great wings,
rising above the twisted black skeletons,
the Eagle ascended
to seek the hidden imps,
return them to Hell
from whence they came
and create
some skeletons
of his own.

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        07-20-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

As some of the others have mentioned, the power behind this piece is very strong. Every word had a great deal of meaning carried with it as it told this tragic tale. Excellent work!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        03-04-2006     Frederick Van Kirk        

Powerful imagery, reading it brings forth dormant emotions. Anger and the desire for revenge being foremost. Fred

        10-01-2005     Kat Voletto        

Powerful and scary imagery combined with profound feelings... simply amazing. Please keep these literary joys coming! Your style of writing gives me the chills but makes me want more! Please, do go on! ^_^

        07-14-2005     David Pekrul        

This has great, yet sad imagery. Very professionally written. It causes us to reflect and remember.

        07-13-2005     Debra Rose        

CONGRATULATIONS Lyle! Your work "Skeletons" is one of the winners under Hidden Treasures in Choices of the Week!

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        07-08-2005     Debra Rose        

I can't believe how amazing your imagery is. I've never found anything this....wonderful, especially concerning 9/11. You astound me

        06-09-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Good does not always win, evil rules at times. Faith allows us believe we will find peace in eternity. Thanks, Anthony

        10-03-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Lyle, so many emotions so little time. You captured every one. A great write. Jackie

        09-29-2001     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

I love/hate it to an even greater degree each time I read this...sigh.

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