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Something Sunny

by Robert Betts (Age: 71)
copyright 05-10-2001

Age Rating: 10 +


People have asked me to write something sunny,
light-hearted and airy perhaps even funny.
Sometimes I try but often find strife,
in dealing with people I encounter in life.

But who can find evil in God's butterfly,
Flitting and fluttering around in the sky,
Dancing and darting in kaleidoscope hues?
If one can find evil to me it is news.

If our lord God, he breathed into me,
life for a moment only you see,
and he were to show me his sweet butterfly,
I would have lived life and could peacefully die.

(picture by Robert Betts)

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        09-10-2013     Regina Lehman        

Very nice poem..! Gina

        11-07-2012     khurshid alam        

One who praises a piece of art for its various loving aspects without mentioning the name and greatness of the artist really does not full fills the right of justice.Dear writer you did with a great splendor lovely respects may please be accepted.

        11-22-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Such a warm and welcoming sentiment is expressed here! :) Lovely work. I love how the first paragraph built into the rest; since I tend to favor darker topics for my poetry, I can relate to the situation mentioned in those lines very well. XD

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        11-12-2008     Treena Turner        

You know this is a sweet read. It is nice to have something sweet roll off the readers tongue and this one was a sweet one. Thank you for the bright vibes.

        11-07-2008     Jenny Douglas        

I know this poem was posted a long time ago, but it's new to me and beautiful. Butterflies have great meaning to me as they symbolize life changes as well as being beautiful. Thank you for the short and sweet poem reminding me of the great value in simple beauties.

        01-03-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Very pretty. This is nice bob. Thanks, Anthony

        11-12-2003     Paul Kangas        

I love how the pic goes with the poem. Beautiful! Butterflys, i wish they would live f4ever!

        03-21-2003     Riley Mackenzie        

I've always liked butterflies, your poem made them even more interesting to me lol, good read!

        10-01-2002     Audrey Sullivan        

This as well
Is another Beatiful poem.
shows alot of Heart.

        04-26-2002     Melissa Rives        

This is the message!!!! How blessed we are for our breath of life!

        11-25-2001     Les Heywood        

Excellent poem! The more I read your works the more I enjoy them. I think we share a lot of the same outlooks on life. I could relate to this one very well. I always find myself writing more about the down side of life than the up. I wish there wasn't that down side. But, hey, maybe then I wouldn't be writing.

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