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Diamonds That Shine

by Anthony Lane Stahlhut (Age: 56)
copyright 06-20-2005

Age Rating: 4 +

Its not my looks that drive them wild,
its not my precocious smile.
It has to do with presentation.
The use of whit and style.

I can not sing a lovely song
and expect to stay in tune.
I can help you hear the music,
so don't give up on me, too soon.

Everyone, can see a rainbow
but they can't all say what they saw.
Some are at a complete loss of words,
standing there in some kind of awe.

Hear the words of the poet
and find a way to the heart.
For some the sight is everything
for the poet its only the first part.

The words will take you deeper
than your eyes have the ability to go.
Words unlock passages to the mind
to find feelings you had not known.

So the quick way, may be easy,
dazzle them with diamonds that shine,
but the way to stay, is how you play,
in the corners of their mind!

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        09-08-2005     Debra Rose        

There are magnificent poets, but the truth that I see is that a good poem is like a magnificent diamonds, because its last forever. At least for a girl ^_^

This is a beautiful poem, Anthony. I had to come back and read it again :)

        06-21-2005     David Pekrul        

Words written from a keen and imaginative mind can be powerful, creating emotions not brought to the surface any other way. Good write.

        06-21-2005     Jean George        

Exactly...This is what a poet does. Very well expressed Anthony, I think you have all the abilities you just wrote about....I also agree with Debra Rose's comments...Some of the poets I love/hate the most write about things that horrify me and break my heart and immortalize them in such a way that I can never forget what I read...This is the power of the pen.

        06-21-2005     Brian Dickenson        

Well written Anthony. How true your words are. Someone once said about the pen and sword.
Writing forms opinions in people who did not have any.
Our 'leaders' know this, it's how they rule.
Keep the voters scared and confused with words, is thier aim.
Keep the news conflicting, what's good for you today will kill you tomorrow.
Very Orwellion.
Well done, Brian

        06-20-2005     Debra Rose        

The poet and the writer are truely the rebels and the intellects of every generation. Despite them constantly being brushed aside in times of peice, it is the pen which incites revolutions and romance; conspiracy and chaos.

Dazzle them with pretty pictures, and let the words seep in to take control. When they are in awe is when they are at their weakest. Awesome tool of propaganda.

Marvelous work, Anthony

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