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Mother Nature

by Roger Crique (Age: 61)
copyright 06-29-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

Do you think you know me?
I am unpredictable, as the Moon itself!
Do you know where I've been?
You donít know where Iím going!

You should not offer sunny days,
rainy days may come instead.
My trails, an enigma to you; hidden from your view.
There are ways to me; I am moody like the tide.

You donít know if Iím the first.
You donít know if Iím the last!
My perfection is written in the clouds.
Iím a dancer in the sky.
Iím a swimmer in the open sea.

Iím the storm that blankets the peaks,
Chasing climbers back to Earth.
Iím the dreamer in your sleep!
I am the specter next to you.

Take cover when you hear me!
Like lions in the Serengeti,
Iíll chase you till youíre spent.
I'll kill you with one bite.

I am the Eagle in the sky,
floating above the hilltops.
I am the Anaconda that hides in the muddy swamp.
I am she, who destroys; to build it up again.

I am the Mother that chastens her children.
For no mother wants her offspring astray.
I will teach you and torment you!
I will cry for you and cherish you, Until I give birth to you again!

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        09-09-2005     Regina Pate        

She has remained silent long enough. Our real mother has finally spoken. She has been there since it begun it is written it is done.

        08-06-2005     Kevin (Buddy) Ales        

This work is great, showing mother nature and all the things 'she' can do to all of the globe. Excellent job, Roger!

        07-01-2005     Jean George        

This poem embodies all the faces of Mother Nature, from Gaea/Gaia, Cybele, & Ceres to Ishtar,Isis and Astarte. Mother can be a stern parent as well as a gentle nurturer and as I am drawn to her in all her forms also do I love her many personalities. You have covered all the bases here and with the descriptive versatility and power I have come to expect of you. Well done.

        07-01-2005     David Pekrul        

Great descriptions in your personification of nature. My little town in the Canadian Rockies just suffered a major flood (my family was okay, as we live on a hill). To watch nature in its fury was absolutely terrifying, but awesome.
Thanks for this, I really enjoyed it.

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