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Choices of the Week
An Actual Update? YES! YES IT IS!

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 07-07-2005

Age Rating: 4 +

Can you believe it? I actually updated! Okay everyone, I’m hoping to pick this up completely, and start trying to do this weekly, but I really do need help. I need suggestions for Hidden Treasures, and Special Features, as well as anything else you think should be mentioned! So please, submit poems you think should be put into here?

Also, I need someone to edit these after I finish writing them...I'm horrible at proof reading, and really could use some help!

Well…seeing as it’s been a while, let me reiterate how this is organized. The first two are chosen for excellence, and normally fit a theme (love, loss, or the time space in which they were posted, etc.), the second set of two are from adult members, the third set of two are from Jr. members, and the forth set of two are the Lost Treasures. Got it down? Good. So let’s get it started!

And just so you know…clicking on any links will simply open up a new window, and not direct you away from the page. So feel free to click and read!

For our first selections, the theme will be nostalgia. This was inspired by the most amazing read (as well as our first choice) More Childhood Memories (the sequel to Childhood Memories) by author Brian Dickenson. Recalling his past childhood experiences during World War II, he discusses with amazing loquacity the callous mind frame possessed by himself and his peers during the London Bombings, giving the perfect hint of humor, wry sarcasm, and wistful remembrance to pull you in and let you see the events as if you were there yourself. I have to say…the only fault with both of his recollections of his history? It ends far too soon!

Our second choice under “Nostalgia” is author Samantha H’s essay: Happily Ever After? This composition, initially written for a class, provides a sad, but all too real view of the modern workings of love, life, family, and relationships amongst modern day youths, giving a deep perspective into a tragedy that is only far too real these days: the loss of a loved ones to the sin of drugs. Striking especially close to home for me, not only did this pull at heart strings, but it left me thinking, feeling the worry and panic that she seemed to portray in wondering—will any of us ever find our prince (or princess)? Or will we become exactly what we hate?

Moving on to works from adult members.
Lilith’s Elegy by author Mike Macdonald left me literally breathless. Not only using one of my favorite tragic figures in all of religion, but narrating from Her point of view, causes this to not only be a featured work, but to go down as an all time favorite! This is DEFINITLY a MUST READ!

The next is Dark Reality by author David Perkul. David is well known around here as not only a wonderful writer, but everyone’s favorite Canadian! But this piece of work is far different than anything I’ve seen…definitely more haunting than the others, leaving one feeling the strong desperation that can shake a reader to the core. Oh, and wish him well, as it’s only about 15 more weeks to his retirement!

Now….just for the fun of it, I do have one more work of an adult member to feature! This is Ass Happy by author James Shammas. This was definitely something that tickled my funny bones, and will eternally remain a classic to me, as it brings back the many memories of my own youth and times like this! His daughter is DEFINITLY lucky to have him as a father!

Now Jr. Members…these two have astonished me recently with their works, and I believe deserve the most recognition out of all of our choices!

For starters, author Paul K has returned, and has brought with him a talent that has not only grown and matured, but has become beautiful enough that it literally leaves me breathless. It was hard to choose which one of his latest works I wanted to put up here, but after much debate, I settled on Blinded by the Illusions of Love. Spilling over with the sadness of loss and unchained desire, this is a tale that I believe every person who breathes can relate to.

Glass Wool is undisputedly, though, the BEST poem I have read in years! Written by 14 year old author Amanda C., this poem is an astonishing mix of Macbeth, Poe, and modern day macabre, holding a flow that is flawless, and lines that are unforgettable.

Now, for our final selection, of Lost Treasures!
This one holds a very close spot to my heart, as I sat next to the author while she wrote this. True Love…. Or Not is a hilarious short story about taking chances, with a surprising ending that will have you balled over with laughter! Written by Stefanie Mendoza, this is definitely a work worthy of being brought back to the surface as a true treasure!

A Place of Tranquility is a beautiful work, by the amazing Jr. member Riley M. Giving a sense of serenity and calm, delving deep into the mind and desires of ever person, this is a work that not only deserved attention when it was written, but deserves attention still!

So here you finally have the way too long in coming second installation! I hope this fulfilled your expectations! Suggestions (even if they’re for your own works) are ALWAYS accepted for future features, and I promise, this will definitely be coming up way more often! So thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!

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        07-10-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I hope you keep doing this because it is wonderful! Anthony

        07-09-2005     Sammy Anderson        

Woo an update!!!!!!

        07-08-2005     chibimars        

yay! an update! me very happy! okay sorry XD i get like that! but i agree with what Paula said...boohoo it stinks to be 12 sometimes when you want to read a poem so bad and then it says "This work is rated higher than your age". GRR! But column!

        07-07-2005     Paul Kangas        

Oh-mi-gawd! This is so cool! You like actually updated... after a two year cliffhanger!!! LOL. This was really great and I am sooo completely surprised that my work was actually featured here o.O

Wow, wow, wow! Omg! Thats so cool and everyone's work is awesome to the rockin best core.

Keep the updates comin!

        07-07-2005     Paula Tsvayg        

I can't believe it
you actually updated it.
I am truly at a loss for words
after years (well, maybe not years) of waiting,
an update!!!
Second of all,
you always pick the best topics, but you see, I'm 12.
and lots of people are 12, or 11, or 10 and would like to actually read the poems that you say are awesome.
and most of 'em are age-rated much older than we are.
So I was only able to read, like 1 one of the poems.
But it's still an awesome column.

        07-07-2005     Riley Mackenzie        

yay! you updated! i cant believe one of my earliest (not to mention um...shall we say weakest and most pitiful) works is recognized, i dont see anything too special about it...nevertheless im honored ^-^ i'm sure its difficult to keep up this column, but please do--its a pleasure to read ^-^


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