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Multiple Person

by SamiJo Mcquiston (Age: 29)
copyright 07-11-2005

Age Rating: 10 +
Multiple Person
Picture Credits: fluttergirl386090.jpg

You wonder who I really am, but do you really want to know?
I think the truth of it would scare you into shock,
And I could not bare such a rejection from you.
Why do you even ask? Is what I give not enough?
Do you really want to see what lies beyond?
Don’t you see she’s different, that other part of me?
She is not my sweet and innocent self; no she’s far too cruel.
I seldom let her out, or more honestly she seldom escapes.
I don’t know what she would do to you.
So please, be content in knowing you have at least part of me.

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        03-05-2011     Mylinda Rives        

"Multiple Person"
Your artwork really opens the wording of your poetry.
What a scary and insightful warning when she appears to be a bloody mess.
Dark and foreboding lines really makes this poem jump!

        09-12-2005     Lauren Turner        

There is a dark side to a lot of people, You can express that through poems.....

        08-15-2005     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

I love this one! I can relate to this and I think everyone can. I changed a lot in september to november of 2004... But, that is not the point! The heart on the pic is a little nasty. But the pic is verry fitting. Dark is what I think you are best at!


        07-20-2005     chibimars        

I love this...everyone has a side to them that no one is ever able to see. Luvs it!

        07-16-2005     Paul Kangas        

I think everyone has parts of personality that nobody knows about... This was a very good write! Loved the pic for it 2!

        07-14-2005     Jean George        

I very much like the style of your writing and I like your subject. We all have multiple sides to our personality, some keep their 'other sides' well hidden, some won't even admit to themselves they have another side, but it always seems to be the younger crowd that is willing to sometimes explore the depths of their personalities. I remember my own days of fascination with my so called dark side when I would ask questions much like yours...Very good writing.

        07-12-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Part of me doesn't work. You must be open with someone that you love. If you don't let them see all of you they don't really know if they love you because there is more than they know. If you build a relationship and then let the cat out of the bag, it may make them leave. So its better to get it out at first and build the relationship with ones that accept you for who you are! We all are different, but there are so many people out there that you can find someone that is a lot like you are! Good luck, Anthony

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