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For my Kitten

by Heather Jackson (Age: 39)
copyright 07-16-2005

Age Rating: 7 +

When he is very old
And I am not as young
When the slow march of time
Brings what must inevitably come
When his tiny heart stops
And his body grows cold
When he slides from life's embrace
Into deaths final hold
I will thank God again
Even as I do tonight
Loving him is a gentle heartbreak
Made possible by life.

Heather Jackson

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        09-19-2013     Regina Lehman        

Such a beautiful poem about your kitten. We have a tabby cat named Tiger he is now 12 years old found him under a car in the Winter time 12 years ago.He has been such a blessing to us.

        11-09-2008     Heather Jackson        

Kit was not very old; his 6th birthday was right before we went away for a week long cruise. While we were gone, our pet sitter came in and found him ill. She took him to the vet, where as the vet prepared to close following what he thought was successful emergency surgery, Kit died. I wasn't there, and it'll be tomorrow before I can actually get his body from the vet. The heartbreak of missing him is anything but gentle right now.
Kit 31 October 2002-4 November 2008

        02-11-2008     Megan Cox        

This poem made me remember how the past couple of months have been. I lost my dog in November, and then my cat just a few weeks ago. I had both of them all my life, and now I'm moving and my dad's getting married. Big changes. I remember worrying about my cat like this as well. I love this poem, but it made my cry. Great work!

        07-09-2006     BJ Niktabe        

Last fall, I lost my dog to old age, and one of my cats just a month later to feline leukemia. I was thankful for the cat I still have, and wound up getting him another companion two months later. The unconditional love you get from a loyal pet is easier to get over if you just think that when your pet passes on, some lucky angel just got a new pet. That made it easier for me.

I'm glad your cat is still with you! :)

        01-06-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

I seem to be hung up on your poetry today.

This is especially touching to me as I recently lost my little cocker spaniel and I'm still heartbroken.



        10-29-2005     Heather Jackson        

Kit Kat isn't dead. This was a reflection on when he will die, eventually, at some point in the future. It came from the realization that even if he lives until he's a very very old cat, I will still be relatively young when he dies. It's a meditation on the idea that investing love in a pet that has so short (in comparison to us) a life span, and will thus, ultimately cause us pain when it dies, is still a worthwhile endeavor. That's what the line at the end is...if I didn't have his life, if I wasn't alive, I wouldn't be able to experience the pain of losing a beloved pet. It's ultimately a celebration of a life that let us invest in it deeply enough to become heartbroken at its eventual passing.
But really, I promise, Kit is still alive, fat, happy, and dozing in the window as I write this.

        10-28-2005     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

That's so sad. I know how it feels. I'v lost three cats. And I have two now but I still miss the others. I'm sorry for your loss.

        10-13-2005     Jeniffer Brand        

Oh wow. That reminded me of my Jasmin! That made me cry. snif, snif. :( But a simple little life has been sent home after the short happiness of a good home.

        09-11-2005     Emily Garwood        

i cried when any of my animals died....except the goldfish i just got annoyed that they kept dying on me...but my first dog was 18 and had came to me after my grandparents died so he meant alot to me..and my second died being run over and was only just over 1....if you dont cry somethings not right and if you dont care somethings not right either you obviously care because you wrote about it and its a good poem too keep it up.


        07-17-2005     Brian Dickenson        

There is nothing silly about thinking this way.
I cried like a baby when my Labrador died, he was seventeen.
It was as if a part of me went with him.
I wrote 'Max' as a eulogy to him.
Lets hope all our pets/friends live long and happy lives.

        07-16-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I have a dog that I have said the same thing about. It seems funny that they can mean so much, but they are a life too! This is a sad truth, but a lot of wonderful memories have been created. Anthony

        07-16-2005     Heather Jackson        

I wrote this tonight as I sat and thought about the fact that, at some point, I will have to say goodbye to my cat when he dies. Some may think me silly, but I love him, and I can't imagine my life without him. Still, even though I know the time will come when I have to give him over to death, his life brings me greater joy, and I wouldn't give that up for fear of future pain.

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