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A gauntlet thown.. An answer to Anthony's challenge.

by Brian Dickenson (Age: 82)
copyright 07-18-2005

Age Rating: 7 +
A gauntlet thown.. An answer to Anthony's challenge.
Picture Credits: my own photograph

Iím girding my loins for the war thatís begun.
It wonít be a bloody war.
Just one in fun.

Iíve picked up my sword; itís a tad rusty,
But believe you me,
Itís ever so trusty.

Iíd be the Queenís champion,
If I had a Queen.
But until I do, I can always dream.

My armour, itís battered; a little like me.
But Iíll fly my flag proudly,
For the enemy to see.

My horse is a donkey, but he doesnít know it.
Heís covered in padding,
So he doesnít show it.

I need someone now, help me into my saddle.
In the old days I could do it,
With a jump and a straddle.

But now Iím aboard, beware all you foe.
Because from here on in
You have nowhere to go.

So stand your ground, let battle commence;
For those with no stomach;
They can sit on the fence.

I hear the drums drumming, the air it is thrumming
Itís hells own legions,
Itís the enemy coming.

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        05-16-2007     Frank Fields        

Delightful! Simply delightful! Let those will, take what they may or want. Whenever a writer can reach so many different readers on so many different levels with so many different interpretations, you know your work has done it's job. And well. Yes shades of Don Quixote, perhaps. But also the idiocy of The Crusades, the Roman Coliseum, even the English tournaments that spoke more to brawn than brain. And to one's own foolishness, now recognized, with the passage of the wisdom of the years. Thank you for not allowing this work to linger in the dusty archival vaults.

William :)


        04-10-2006     Daniel R Patton        

I read this about 20minutes ago, I've just finish laughing though, now I'll attempt to add a comment or so. My mother was just by and caught me in the middle of laughing hysterically, and when she asked all I could do was point at the screen. She looked at me as if I'd lost my mind, then began to read, now my wife has TWICE the problem my poor mother once did. YES THIS STUCK A CORD THAT ONLY THIS FAMILY HAS FOR HUMOR. Dear God Thank you Brian You've made my night...and Moms my wife? YOUR GUESS!

        01-26-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

I'm just reading this now so I don't understand the private jokes. Won't someone please fill me in? It is a comic Little poem and I can picture
Brian in his surfer surfer outfit sitting on a donkey. Well, I did smile when I read it, but would like to know more!

Your friend,


        07-23-2005     Jean George        

This is hilarious...I can just picture all of us on a jousting field with pens at the ready and when the horns sound off we go writing as fast as we can...The one that runs out of ink first wins!

        07-18-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Pop a couple of Geritol pops, the drums are starting to beat the charge call!
This was a great shot across the bow though.
I'm not scared,

Paper in hand,I've got my pen.
Come on coach, "Let Me In"
answer in progress.........................

        07-18-2005     Debra Rose        

HAHAHAHA! ANTHONY IS RULER OF HELL!!! lol! This poem reminds me SOOO MUCH of Don Quixote! That's my favorite character ever. This is an awesome, poem, Brian! And I'm glad to see that you've joined in :)

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