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A Chance

by Anthony Lane Stahlhut (Age: 57)
copyright 07-19-2005

Age Rating: 4 +
A Chance

If I had a chance
to go back in time
or a chance to start all over again.
I'd go back to the time
that I held your hand
and I'd start our lives over right then.

If I had a chance
to hear you say
something that just couldn't be.
I'd sit myself down
and look in your eyes
and cry as you said you loved me!

But I know its over
and I know its done
and even that it is through.
But pardon the redundancy
of these three words
but I have to say "I loved you!"

Its hard to see
and even harder to say
as time seems to drift on.
I know we're finished
I know we're through
but I hope that you haven't gone.

If you ever get lonely
or even get sad
and your whole world seems to be blue.
Just grab the phone
look up my name
and give me a call from you.

And if you'd give me a chance
to go back in time
or a chance to start all over again.
I'd go back to the time
that I held your hand,

and I'd start our lives over right then!

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        10-20-2013     Rachel Brown        

How lovely it must be
to find love so vividly brilliant such as this
I love to hope there's love like this for everyone who reads this poem it helps to understand the message behind it .
And i can understand the message clear as day. I love this poem and reading it gives hope to me that I too will find this kind of love .
Thanks for sharing this flowing tapestry tried and true.

        06-06-2008     Cassie Sweeney        

How Romantic!
I really enjoyed this piece!
I don't get that many love poems that aren't all mushy-gushy and actually interesting haha
We all go wrong in relationships,
we all make mistakes.
But better to learn from our mistakes then just create regrets.
I really liked this one!
Great job!
Just a fellow writer,
~*Cassie JSG*~

        09-24-2006     Katelyn Mancini        

This is just so romantic and special. I would feel honored if some guy wrote this for me.
Good Job,

        11-02-2005     Deborah Thomas        

I liked the 'give me a call from you' line. It gives you the feeling that it's a gift, to me, from you...
even if it DOES make the rhyme on time! :)
I hope this is not real for you now.. it feels so real to read.
Your friend! Debbie

        08-14-2005     Kat Voletto        

I really liked this piece. I didn't like the "Give me a call from you" line, it seemed like you were just stretching for the rhyme, but since I've done it too I won't hold it against ya. ^_^ I feel this poem deep down, wishing we could go back to that wonderful relationship we lost and take it back and make it right, but knowing we can't... I hate regret. Thank you so much for sharing this, a truly lovely write.

        07-22-2005     Rene Laris        

Beautiful. Oh, the hands of time! If only there were seconds chances in some areas of our live, how quickly we would recapture those moments. I like your poem Very Much!

        07-20-2005     Roger Crique        

I have a time machine in my bed room and I often sit in it; trying to go back in time to fix the things I've messed up in the past, but it never works! I think I'll get rid of it! This poem is heavy with regret and melancholy. I love the imagery and the steady pace of its flow. "I'd go back to the time that I held your hand," this is the line that did it for me!

        07-20-2005     Christopher Carlson        

Great write Pops!

The things I would do differently in life if only I could have the chance.

        07-20-2005     Brian Dickenson        

How very sad. These two words can be the saddest words in the English language.


How much regret there can be in them.
Kipling had it figured.
Nice write, Brian.

        07-20-2005     Jonathon Bywaters        

How much would we do differently and how much would we do the same.
Its mind boggling when you think of it adn "oh" not to start a paradox.
The only comment i could give this is
"Quite stunningly beautiful".

        07-20-2005     David Pekrul        

What things would we do differently if we could do it again? This poem tells a great story of falling in love again with the same person, but wanting things to be better by doing things differently. It is such a sad testament, wanting to do things over, so they can be done right, but knowing this is not possible.
Good job!

        07-19-2005     Jean George        

Oh, if only we could go back and do things over...This is a nice piece, Anthony. I like that poem' subject is accepting of the end but wistfully still wishes to begin again...very real!

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