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And I Love You

by Anthony Lane Stahlhut (Age: 56)
copyright 07-23-2005
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 13 +
And I Love You
Picture Credits: amybrownprints.html

First we met,
and I was so lonely.
After we met,
you were the one and only.

We fell for each other,
we grew taller than hills.
We fought over nothing,
and left for more thrills.

I found, though I tried,
you were my dove.
I tried for some others,
only to find you're my love.
And I Love You,
I said,"Yes I Love You!"

We made love together,
out in the midnight air.
I fell so in love,
I want you to be here!

It will never change,
this love that we've got.
It makes no difference,
whether we make love or not.

Don't ever leave,
for I'll never stray.
Don't ever leave me,
for I want you to stay.

I found though I tried,
you were my dove.
I tried for some others,
only to find you're my love!
And I Love You,
I'm saying,"Yes, I love you!"

Nothing can change,
the way that I feel.
For I know in my heart,
that my love is real...

And I Love You!

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        02-09-2009     Martha Rosanbalm        

Really nice work. Sounds like true love.
"It makes no difference, whether we make love or not."
Someone is gifted to have you. Your words flow and are sweet to read. Thank you for sharing.

        07-29-2005     Kat Voletto        

There is someone out there that I would dedicate this to... and they know who they are. I like this piece, even if it is a bit simple. Thanks for sharing it, and keep the good stuff coming! Take care.

        07-27-2005     Christopher Carlson        

Sorry right = write... blah, can't type tonight.

        07-27-2005     Christopher Carlson        

Your a sap!

Ofcourse so am I, guess I know where it comes from.

Good right father time. Love You!

        07-27-2005     Mike Macdonald        

This has potential if only you would read back over it a few more times. I'm pretty damn sure that poetry was founded on love and depression, so I'm all for love poems. And depression poems.

But you, my friend, could maybe benefit from a thesaurus. I see the L-word in this piece more often than I found the word "Pleasure" in Frankenstein. This poem's got merit, for sure. Just don't be afriad to play with dem words!

        07-26-2005     Debra Rose        


This poem makes me remember what it was like to be in love. I will openly admit, that while I am not in love with my ex, I am in love with being in love. I can't wait for that next special someone...

doesn't mean I'll be any less picky.

Great write :)

        07-26-2005     David Pekrul        

Well, you beat me in another contest; congratulations. Don't get used to it; I'll be on your case every time. lol

        07-26-2005     Paul Kangas        

I am truly touched by this poem! This poem is so emotionally beautiful! I loved this! And I also declared it the winner of my contest. Amazing Amazing Amazing Write!!

        07-24-2005     Emily Garwood        

A very nice poem...real emotion and it is true even though we might try for others when you've found the one no one else really can compare...that's when you really realise you've got the one...the one you need to make you happy...keep up the writing


        07-24-2005     Stephen Washam        

A beautiful love poem Anthony, full of heartfelt emotion. You painted some lovely images with your words. Take care and Have fun. Steve

        07-23-2005     David Pekrul        

I see many more brownie points coming your way if you give this poem to your wife. It is very heartfelt.
Isn't it strange how one can see so many beautiful women around everyday, but none of them can replace the one you have.
That's love!

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