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A Brand New Day

by Roger Crique (Age: 60)
copyright 08-06-2005

Age Rating: 18 +
A Brand New Day

How many times did you notice her frown?
Do you remember her tappings on your shoulder?
Did you ever listen to her silence?
She was always never home.

She was so independent!
Never at the dinner table.
She had all she needed!
What else could she possibly want?

Your little girl had grown up!
You gave her everything that money could buy.
But she hardly saw you,
For you worked long hours!

Six figures ensured your rewards.
Your wife was a renowned power broker.
Executives, wheeling and dealing!
Not to mention your English nanny, what a charm!

Life was great, until... the phone call.
Your private jet was fueled, ready to go!
Everything was going to be alright, it always was!
Today was no different, another tantrum, perhaps!

But when you saw those lights,
those dreaded, hypnotizing, flashing lights,
you truly understood the magnitude of it all.
It would never be the same again, ever!

The pink, Thai-silk scarf you gave her for her birthday, did not look lovely on her neck anymore!
She was no longer a problem child, as her lifeless body dangled from one of the heating pipes in the basement. She succeeded! Finally, she caught your attention!

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        09-01-2005     Regina Pate        

it was good it took me there thats all i can say i have to get out of here please let me go tell me there is more and a happy ending still in store.

        08-09-2005     James Shammas        

Oh, my God, this is chilling! Free verse is appropriate for this one. And the title! This is a masterful display of irony. Well done.


        08-08-2005     Jean George        

Even though the subject is not rare in today's world and certainly not as shocking as it should be, it is still shocking, in a surreal way. which is why your title is excellent and almost painful in the cruel irony of what it means here and how it is usually meant. The line I liked best is "she was always never home." This underlines the idea that sadly there was so much going on in their lives that it just didn't register with them when she was there and when she was not, lost in the emotional limbo between always home and never home. How sad that no one noticed which.

        08-07-2005     Mike Macdonald        

How sad. This reminds me of lots of similar poems I read when I was younger. Families aren't easy to manage. I hope this wasn't written from experience.

        08-07-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

This is a story that I hope wasn't written by first hand knowledge. This is something that too many have to face. We have worked our ways into the large houses and now we don't even have to see one another. The family unit has suffered a great blow. This poem touches a place I don't like to go. Anthony

        08-06-2005     David Pekrul        

This is so chilling. So many chase the 'American Dream' only to lose the family they think they are doing it for.
I have never made big money, but I have two great kids who I am close to, a wife who has been with me for 33years and I'm actually getting to retire in October so I can continue this close relationship with all of them.
I feel rich; I have accomplished my 'American (Canadian) dream'.

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