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by Roger Crique (Age: 60)
copyright 08-09-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

For all my transformations,
This one, I must say, itís the worst!
Darkness has marked me!
Pervasive in my birth, so it's said!

For dawn has turned to dusk.
My hair is unlike Samsonís.
My eyes perfectly see the color of death,
for ebony nights are unlike blue skies.

For the brown in the grass is removed
and thus the green enhanced.
The yellow of the sun is always welcome
But the red of the eye is sickening!

The eight- ball cannot hide from the cue-ball!
Iíve learned to run before I crawled.
For my existence belongs to me
and my dignity to my antecedents.

Secluded, never!
Together we shall rise or we shall fall!
I will live among the colors of the rainbow!
For the world must witness my growth.

In the vastness of the universe;
blackness is unparalleled!
For there is nothing more fearful;
there is nothing more compelling,
than the awesome power of the black hole!

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        09-05-2005     Regina Pate        

You don't even know how much I can relate. I have written something almost with those exact words its amazing.

        08-09-2005     Debra Rose        

I feel such mixed messages from this, but I enjoy that. A feeling of falling, of failing, but pulling away from the mark of darkness. Too much dignity to fall, too much fear to fly. An attempt at breaking the chains of ones own making. I hope I got it at least partially right.

I really enjoy this...the last two lines are my favorite...for it is true. There is nothing more compelling than the awesome power of the black hole....

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