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Darkness, anyone?

by Roger Crique (Age: 60)
copyright 08-10-2005

Age Rating: 13 +
Darkness, anyone?

Oh, you foolish child that rambles in confusion,
darkness can claim you!
You dare swim in the murkiness of its depths?
You’ll tangle seaweed and swallow water.

I hear you speaking of darkness as if you knew it!
You, ignorant child!
It's been dark since light was formed!
You don't comprehend the gravity!

He is the one, he who blots out the sun!
He freezes rainfall and causes the Earth to tremble!
Do not pretend to be one with him!
He doesn't know you, for if he did, you would be lost and never found.

Your bones would be scattered atop mountains, for he aims highly. His goal is your soul!
You would be strapped to the four corners of the Earth; if you met him! You would beg for mercy, for his darkness to release you and never, ever touch you again!

His darkness holds no light!
His darkness is abysmal.
To swim in the darkness; to revel in the turbulent frays of his corridors of death, to cast your self to the mercy of the ocean is foolhardy!

Demons hone the jagged edges of his cliffs,
where you’ll hang in agony, tormented for ever in the furnace of his embracing wings!
Wise you are not; for you’ve been warned of his unfathomable power!

To crave his flesh is devoid of reason,
for you will not ever eat of anything else!
Your foolishness will tag your heart and soul
and once tagged your soul will know the way to him!

Desist now! Do not beckon him;
for your calling will open the residues of your mind;
where he will haunt your soul and taunt your peace, for ever! Forget his name, for he does not answer in vain!

Forgo your calling!
Renounce your stays in the darkness,
For you are but a child!
Lest he'll surface and grab your essence,
until you live and die for ever!

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        10-05-2005     Regina Pate        

I use to only be able to write when I was upset. I hated getting upset but would be amazed at my writing and the more I wrote about it the more I fed off of it. Then the more I liked being upset at least then I could label myself and know what I was doing and benefit from it. But then It just became a normal way of living for me after awhile and I feel into a deep depression and couldn't come back up and then all my words were thrown back in my face and used against me so I don't do that anymore. Although I turn my negativity into creativity I don't use my darkness to create more darkness. I turn my fear into faith. I know there is always a reason to fight and a reason for my struggle and I push on through I don't stop writing until I turn it into something good because of it and then I understand that I can always write and when it is inspired by light instead of the darkness I craved it is ten times more rewarding than anything I have ever named. Thank you for you warning I hope they heed it well. good job

your Regina

        09-19-2005     Sam Hackel-Butt        

I love poems like this: dark, with vivid imagery, good smooth reading, and either God or the Devil can fit the description, because if you do see God, then you die, and if you see the Devil, you know you're dead and not in the greatest position for the rest of your afterlife (unless you believe in reincarnation :))
He doesn't know you, for if he did, you would be lost and never found... I really like that line. I think it sums up the poem quite nicely. One small thing I noticed: 3rd stanza, second line. Shouldn't 'he' be capitalized?

        09-19-2005     Sage Bruce        

Yay! I want darkness! This poem is fantastic..the images formed in my mind really made me wish there was more. It was sooo captivating. I hope that one day I can right as well as you if not I have a goal. I really loved this I hope to read more like this!

        08-11-2005     David Pekrul        

If one dwells on the negativity in their lives, it becomes overwhelming and totally consuming. To fight the demon, we must look beyond our problems and embrace the light.
This is a good message, and well-written.

        08-10-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

What is strange to me is that I had the desire to write about this very thing yesterday, but had not gotten it on paper. My approach would have differed a little , but the message almost the same. I see young poets write of their "darkness" and wonder if they really had a grasp on what they were talking about. Reality tells me some do and that is sad. I believe that most though just think that loosing a boyfriend is the end of the world. For them this is the worst pain they know, so they do think its bad. Little do they know what life has in store for them. This is a great poem for content and Stephen King would enjoy the read! The emotion is strong and I did get a sense of fulfillment from it. Thanks good job, Anthony

        08-10-2005     James Shammas        

Man, this is intense. I can sense raw anger, too--like a hell-fire sermon. I'm not sure the format of the piece works for me, though. A bit choppy.


        08-10-2005     Brian Dickenson        

This is a very powerful piece. The eternal struggle between what we perceive to be good and evil. A timely message to everyone.
As someone once said. 'To supp with the Devil you need a long spoon'.
I do believe that there are strange powers at large, quite what they are I don't know. But I think they are best left well alone.

        08-10-2005     Holly Dart        

Well done I really liked it, it touched me I look forward to reading more of your work.

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