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I am Sailor Mars...or am I?
Chapter 6---Darkness

by chibimars
copyright 08-10-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

A/N: So sorry I have taken long to update! My muse is back in action. Thank you, O Muse! Also thanks to Andrew and Debra for the ideas for this chapter. *hugs* Enjoy!

Rei slowly opened her eyes...a white light was blinding her; what was it? She lifted her head slightly, winced in pain and dropped it back down to her pillow again. Then she remembered where she was. Rei had tried to fight a youma without her powers and collapsed. The girls had brought her home after she had passed out. Rei remembered regaining consciousness for a brief moment, hearing Ami's soft voice saying, "She's going to be okay".
Leave it to 'Doctor Ami-chan'.
The thought made Rei smile a little despite her pain. The pain hadn't worsened, it had actually gotten better. Ami had to have medicated me or something, she thought.

Usagi and the others were apparently gone, or else Rei would be hearing Usagi's whining and loud talking, which, Rei knew, was extremely hard not to hear. She forced herself to sit up and she looked around. Aha, she thought, glancing at the window. That's what the light was. Usagi had apparently opened the shades in her window, making the sunlight stream all over her body. Usually the light would feel warm and comforting to Rei. But at that moment, for some reason, she resented the light; hated it; wanted it to go away. She felt that resentment so strongly that Rei stood up and closed the shades. She fell back onto the bed, dizzy. Why am I doing this? she thought. Rei usually would have never done something like that; shutting the light away...Because the warm, saving light reminded her of Usagi. But now the entire room was dark, and for reasons unknown to her, she liked it that way.



Venus didn't even bother calling Rei up on the communicator. Even if she still did have her henshin wand and all, she would probably be too weak to fight. And if Rei was resting Venus didn't want to disturb her. She was running to meet up with the other senshi. Mimet had sent out a slimy monster from a diahmon pod to steal a heart crystal. Luckily, according to what Venus heard over her conversation with Mercury on her communicator, Jupiter had arrived at the scene before a little girl lost her crystal and called everyone up. Sure enough, there everyone was, throwing out attacks at the monster until it was distracted or hurt, so Sailor Moon could finish it off. But it seemed to Venus that they were having a rough time. She interrupted the battle and introduced herself.

"Soldier of love and beauty; I am Sailor Venus! In the name of Venus, you're punished!"

"Thanks for coming to help, Venus!" Mercury said as she typed away on her computer. They were one less of a soldier at the moment, which made everything a lot more difficult than usual.

"Venus Love-Me Chain!" Venus screeched. It tied the monster up. Everyone came to help Venus hold the chain except for Sailor Moon, who had her wand out and ready. In the blink of an eye the monster was gone. Mimet came back to the scene, but she was smiling this time, not scowling at the loss of her monster.
"Well, well", she said. "Looks like I'll have to use my back-up plan. Rei-chan, it's time for you to do your job!"
And to the others' dismay, Sailor Mars came out from behind Mimet. "Rei-chan?!" Sailor Moon exclaimed. "What are you...doing? I thought you didn't have your powers!"
"Well, I have them back now, isn't that all that matters? Now I'll have to destroy you", Mars said. She laughed. The senshi just stood there, blinking, amazed at what their friend was about to do.
"What did you do to her?" cried Sailor Jupiter, turning to Mimet. "Give the old Rei back! She doesn't belong to your side!" Mimet just kept smiling. "That's what you think. Sailor Mars belongs to our side, and she always has."
"What?!" The senshi exclaimed.
Mars turned to Sailor Moon. "Your stupid mother always believed there was a little good in me, so she revived me as a senshi on your side, protecting you. Queen Beryl intended to revive me sooner but because of you she didn't have her chance...But now I know who I truly am."
"But then..." Mercury's eyes widened. "Who is the real Sailor Mars?"
"She's dead", Mars said simply. "She died in the past way before the Princess and Endymion and the others were revived."
"Wait a minute!" Sailor Moon fell to her knees. "Stop this! It can't be true! Sailor" There was a moment of silence, and finally Venus spoke. "There has to be a Sailor Mars. Without her completing us as a whole group we will be nothing."
"Exactly!" Mimet giggled. "So, that's the easiest way to finish you off!" There was another moment of silence.
"Kill me." said Sailor Moon.
"Usagi!" the others exclaimed. "Go ahead, kill me", Sailor Moon said again. "If there's no way we can revive Rei that means we're not a team. And if I went on fighting knowing that I left Sailor Mars behind, I would never be able to forgive myself." Tears filled her eyes. "Kill me!" she shrieked. The other senshi were trying to stop her but she wouldn't listen.
"We figured you'd end up looking at things our way", said Mars...or what they had thought was Sailor Mars for so long.
Sailor Moon shut her eyes and prepared for the blow.

Rei-chan, this is for you...

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        05-05-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Arg! What a cliffhanger! I was thinking the same things as Debra, but I can just go to the next chapter! Lucky me! Wah, only 2 left! I can't even think of proper grammar and that sort, I'm glued to the screen!!!

Leigh of the CC

        08-12-2005     Andrew Findlay        

Wow! Talk about a cliffhanger. I think this was the best chapter yet. This is certainly a twist in the plot. I can't help but think that maybe Usagi has something up her sleeve. I don't think she'd just give up like that without some sort of plan. I guess I'll have to wait until I read the next chapter before I find out. Also, I was very impressed with your excellent use of italics.I'd give you six points for this, but the maximum is only five!

        08-10-2005     Debra Rose        


Omgomgomg! This chapter had me glued to my seat and you're going to have me stressing over it for the rest of the day! You're such a good writer, and this is one of the BEST fanfics I have read! Please pleaseplease hurry and post up the next one before I have a seizure or start am I supposed to work (I read all this stuff at work ^_^) when I'm so distracted??????? *Sobs*


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