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Created Conception

by Roger Crique (Age: 60)
copyright 08-11-2005

Age Rating: 13 +

Oh, for all thatís built; for the life of it,
none without measurement,
none without fore though.
Haste absent from chaos!

It all encompassed full awareness,
unwavering love and devotion,
unmanned blueprints, casted into nothingness,
the purest of light, beyond tomorrow.

Oh, for all thatís conceived,
outside of the realm of man,
commenced before his conception,
long before his synapses fired.

Conflagration of cosmic dust,
bombarded with gravity's patience.
Compaction of dust, magma and bedrock,
aggregate of gold for posterityís sake.

Parallel, horizontal transformations,
unanswered questions remain,
muscle or mind?
I am ignorant, so I ask questions!

In the end, culmination of that old cosmic dust,
Aggregate of desiccated bones and fossils,
Termination of dreams,
Extermination of hopes.

Questions demand answers.
Answers dance in the sky;
painted in the canvas of our imagination,
for all to ponder in awe.
For the defecation of the Earth,
was his love for man and his gift to mankind!

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        04-06-2013     Walter Jones        

The words lay open, a mind seeking, you have and always will pick the voice and image leaving a master thought, days turn and the eyes open wide at a word smith.. Walt

        09-08-2005     Regina Pate        

questions beget writing beget answers beget questions beget writing continually. These question all have answers, seek and you shall find write and you shall see, See and you shall believe, if only in your dreams. These are not the question that quench our thirst for knowledge, oh no my friend these are the answers that wet our appetite for creativity of our own that will spawn through our writing an universal conception. I think.

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