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Favourite toy

by Brian Dickenson (Age: 82)
copyright 08-13-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

You ask what was my favourite toy,
When I was growing up a boy.
I grew up during WW2,
When things were scarce; and toys were few.

So it has to be my imagination.

I’d listen to the news on our radio,
Wondering which way the war would go.
Of how the Allies did advance,
Through our neighbour country France.

Hoping in the end we would win.

I’d thrill to the news of our fighter planes,
Of the enemy losses, and all our gains.
With arms outstretched, I’d circle the room,
As I'd jink and dive, and upward zoom.

Imagining a death-defying dogfight.

I’d watch as the Hun went down in flames,
Another victim of my imaginary games.
Never once feeling an ounce of pity,
For one of those that had bombed my city.

But then the war ended.

So when I consider my favourite toy,
And I’ve long since ceased to be a boy.
But they are memories that will remain,
Of all the good times, but never the pain.

And of course, I still have my imagination.

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        01-06-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

That's what I like about you Brian, you're still a kid at heart. That poem showed a vivid and sparkling imagination like your many witticisms.
Nice smooth poem, but what I liked it had plenty of action.

Good Work,


        11-07-2005     Roger Crique        

This is a very reflective poem. I like the methodical pace, it develops slowly, as would advancing troops. War is hellish on the mind and body and children can be scarred for ever. The imagery portrayed in this piece is vivid and saddening. The end of the poem is summed up nicely by the line, "And of course, I still have my imagination." I love this toy!

        09-22-2005     Debra Rose        

I really do love this! And I think this is the greatest toy to have. To this day, my imagination is what keeps me calm when I get too bored. I think up stories, or even in my room listening to my music, pretend I'm on stage with screaching fans. lol, this is a beautiful work. Your rhyme scheme always works so well

        09-04-2005     Regina Pate        

tell me, my friend is your imagination still your favorite toy even though you are not a boy?

        08-26-2005     Nancy Pawley        

Brian, you've given me a new perspective on what a toy can be..a refreshing insight into your imagination and writing.

        08-16-2005     James Shammas        

This lends a bit more serious and sophisticated air to a poem requested about toys. I pick up a sense of longing and trepidation that this boy must feel using his imagination to secure that he can still have fun, enjoy life, and feel safe during a time that is anything but playful and secure. Well done.


        08-14-2005     David Pekrul        

I think, Brian, that the kid's in the past had the best toys. Today kid's get overwhelmed with all the toys given to them, but most times they are bored. When I was young we didn't have as many toys, but our imaginations would make up great games and we could have so much fun with very little.
Other than the war, your poem brought back many memories.

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