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by Roger Crique (Age: 60)
copyright 08-13-2005

Age Rating: 13 +

I will not tell you my crossings;
thatís not for you to know.
I will not advertise my badges!
For I do what I do because I know what I do!

I will not tell you where Iíve been,
whose shoes Iíve filled or where Iíve slept.
The fact is that I've paid my dues!
Iíve walked the proverbial mile
and Iíve done my share of sleeping!

We do what we do, because it feels good;
monetary values are irrelevant.
Like a geyser, spewing up in the air,
My release of words refreshes my soul and lessen my loads.

You will know what you gather of me
and gather you should, before you speak!
I will not advertise myself!
what I do will serve this purpose,
My medals? they will surely tarnish with time!

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        09-07-2005     Regina Pate        

I help people because it makes me feel good to help people. I cannot not help people. I write because it makes me feel good to write. Again, I cannot not write. I am who I am and that is all that I am. I can tell my story, it is mine to tell, not yours, I know what is best for me, you have to know what is best for you. I don't want you to agree with me, I was just wondering if you would walk with me. Now do you see?

        08-15-2005     Jean George        

This is very good Roger. The last verse is especially powerful, gathering the threads from the previous verses and knitting them into a blanket of thought that covers all the bases. You do not ramble or turn it into a rant that loses focus of the central thought. In saying that you honor honesty above the trappings of praise, you are making a statement that few can make with deeply felt commitment. I will send an email later with a question about a line and an opinion. Meanwhile good write, one of your best ones....Jean

        08-15-2005     Debra Rose        

I will not advertise myself!
what I do will serve this purpose,
My medals? they will surely tarnish with time!

When I was "restarting my life", as I prefer to call it, I remember telling someone "When I die, I hope my name fades forgotten, but my impact eternally remains." I have it written down somewhere under two poems I wrote, one called "Growing up" the other "Growing down".

The last three lines are what really hit me. This is definitly being bookmarked as a favorite.

        08-15-2005     Mike Macdonald        

This makes me think of how U2 only tries to contribute to humanity when there's a camera present. Or the pseudo-intellectual pricks at my school who talk down to everyone for just about any reason. Or how insipid the very concept of celebrity is.

A writer who asks for literary advice should get it. A writer who asks for praise should get a slap to the face. At least, that's the message I got from this piece. Very well done. It's a message all Americans can benefit from.

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