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The Dish Washer Diaries ~ 2

by Sam Hackel-Butt (Age: 28)
copyright 08-20-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

What is that?

There’s nothing more attractive then someone elbow deep in soapy water, trying to unclog a drain, racing the water before a puddle forms on the floor. Blasted spaghetti noodles! Or was it spaghettini? Either or, it’s still a nuisance trying to clear it, while trying to not guess what that slimy thing is, brushing against my fingers. Felt like algae. Now that made me wonder how long it had been since anyone had done the dishes. It turns out, it had only been a few days, due to fun in the sun, which I skipped out to spend time inside, perfecting my death-like lack of any color what so ever look. I must say, a few more weeks, I could pass off for a serious Goth. All I need is a nice, black plaid skirt. Of course I’m going on the “stereotypical” Goth look that all Goths wear black and are pale. Stereotypes tick me off royally. One of my pet peeves, actually. I was speaking with a friend of a friend in the U.S. of A, and when he learnt I played football sometimes… “Wow, really? And you’re a chick?” … No, really? What gave it away? The fact that you asked for my A/S/L (Age, Sex, Location) and saw the bold F in the middle? Or was it my screen name? (Alice- due to an obsession with Alice in Wonderland. My friend Braxton is the Cheshire Cat, and my other friend Matt is the Queen of Hearts. Gender has no limits when you’re joking around!) Maybe it was the fact that the friend we have in common said I was a girl?

Whatever. Look, girls play sports, and pretty damn well, too. End of discussion. It’s already a week and a bit into August, and I thought July was depressing with all the back to school sales, brain washing our parents to start early, and beat the last minute crowd. Hello? People are out of town. They’re at camp. They’re busy. They’re not going to dash to the nearest Bureau En Gros (French name for the American Staples) and buy three dozen packs of pencils, or start with note books! It’s too sad to, for a student anyway. I mean, for me, I want summer to last longer, because I don’t want to return to the prejudices of high school, and have to worry how my hair is because I’ll get disapproving glances from other girls, or if my socks are the right brand, never mind color, for Pete sakes. But, summer has brought upon quite a lot of me-time, and thinking.

My father hates his job. He’s head of shipping at Priva Sport, a sports company that’s rather big in Europe. Cleats, pads, shoes, balls, sweaters, sweat bands, anything sport, they have it, which is where my footwear comes from. He’s on the verge of quitting, and then money will be tighter then it usually is. Two kids in private school, plus a third having to repeat a year of high school, which is a lot of money. I keep thinking, if only I’d switch schools, or drop out and do a trade course (which they allow at age 16) then maybe the strain will loosen, and we’ll be alright for the time being. But then I think of my friend Carl* who does terribly in school. Always goes to summer school and fails that, who wants to drop out and do a trades course. I think, “wow, we’re not so different.” And then again, we are, because I’m doing it to try to help my family whereas he just doesn’t like school, and has a problem with authority (and bathing, for that matter.) and conforming. The more I think about the trade course, the more I think of how I’ll always remain at one level, and until I graduate high school, I’ll stagnate, and vegetate (I won’t include how many times I put in the wrong first letter for that one. Blame lack of sleep.) and earn the same amount of money after completing, and getting a job.

My mother also, no matter what, wants me to finish private. She always tells me that the school I go to right now looks more impressive on the transcripts then the school one of my younger brothers Jesse goes to, which is a public school. Just goes to show what money can buy. I now have a better chance at being accepted to Cegep (Quebec’s grade 12, but with College courses) then my brother, and a majority of student out there! Don’t be fooled. I may go to a private school, and always have but want to stop, but my family isn’t well off. My mom’s side of the family, very wealthy. My great uncle, or something, helps with my education, and his brother who died, also helped me, and there was no one I wanted to meet more then him, because he gave me a future A future, I realized, I was willing to give up because of money problems. Man, I’m stupid. But, I am returning to high school. My parents would kill me if they found out I was thinking of dropping out. Especially my dad.

My dad dropped out of high school in grade 10. He did drugs, got drunk a lot, and did a lot of stupid things. He said to me when I brought up the topic of Cegeps and Colleges, that he’d pay the 500$ for the courses I wanted, or more, because he wants me to be happy, do something I love, and wants me to get rich, and buy him a nice house in the country for him to retire to. At least he wants my happiness, even though he also wants a new house. My mother took a few courses at Cegep, but then had to take care of my Bubby (Yiddish for grandmother.) because she had diabetes and was very sick, and almost blind. So far, on both sides of the family (immediate family) I’ll be one of the few to graduate high school and continue my education further. What a feeling, at graduation with my family gathered, because I’d have achieved something so great and spectacular, and I’ll be bawling like a baby.
Like I said, there’s nothing more attractive then having a ring of soap around your elbows, and the cause of the blockage in your hand. Ew. A pile of soggy bread, noodles and bits of potato peel.

*Name changed.

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        08-29-2005     Euna Park        

Yuck. I go to a private school too. I'm going into 7th grade, and we're getting exams for the first time this year. >.< Life was simpler in kindergarten. *goes into a dream* I want to get into MIT college Massachusetts because my dad went there and graduated, and my, and I can't believe this, my pastor went there too. They both graduated, and as the first child, I carry the highest expectations, the GRANDUR of the family. I am the family symbol when it comes to the world, and according to my parents, I have a lot to live up for. They came from Korea not knowing how to speak English, and graduated college and medical school. I have a lot to live up for, but I'm not really all that happy about it. My grades, to put it nicely, are not the top of the top, the best of the best, as my parents want them to be. Oh well. I try, and I'm going to try even harder this year. I REALLY want to get into MIT, but I also want to write a book when I'm fifteen or sixteen. My parents don't want me to do that. STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY

Anyway, this is good. WHEN'S THE NEXT ONE COMING?????

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