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A Dream of Hell (prologue)

by Cory Jordan
copyright 09-19-2005

Age Rating: 16 +

Blood and death, the smell of burning sulfur with the feel of intense heat radiating from everything, even the countless, impaled bodies. Bodies that continue to writhe in agony with charred, pealing skin flaking off. I look up to see the sky a horrifying blackish-red, raining fire upon the scorched land the horizon is met by a flaming sky and more bodies in all directions. This desolate landscape is surly hell, but why am I here standing and clothed instead of naked and impaled, roasting like a pig on a spit over a fire but never allowed to die?
"You are here because we need your help."
Startled by the unexpected voice I half turned, half jumped to confront the person only to see a woman in her mid 20's clothed in loose fitting brown leather and white linen, complementing her tall, slender figure and milky skin. Unable to speak from the shock of seeing this green-eyed nymph with long amber hair, that I just stared at her with wide eyes. "This is what my world will become without your help. The evil that will do this can only be stopped by you."
"But what can I do," I asked, dumbfounded as to what's going on when suddenly the ground begins to shake.
"It comes, The Evil knows about you," the young woman states with fear in her eyes and shear terror permeating from her voice. And off to my left, a giant black mass erupts from the ground, like water from a geyser that had never existed. The mass took shape, forming a giant, waving shadow that stood like a man with two red specks for eyes. The shadow stood to such a hight that it made Godzilla look like a midget puppy.
It began looking around until it's eyes fixated on me. Suddenly, without warning, it let out a vile shriek. And within that shriek I heard a multitude of screams spiting out all sorts of curses and evil thoughts in countless languages all at once, making my head split and tears run from my eyes. Then it lurched towards me, attempting to consume me when, with a jolt, I suddenly awoke in my bed, profusely covered in my own sweat. "3:48 am," I asked myself, "I hate my life." Looking back I now realize that that was going to be the last normal night I would ever have.

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