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Daddy's Footsteps
Chapter 8 The Lesson of the Day

by Regina Pate (Age: 38)
copyright 10-10-2005

Age Rating: 18 +

Be a tree!
Be a tree!
Be a tree!

Take everything else away
Their will sill be woods

Take a tree away? And another? Then another? There will be no more woods.
Remember, the woods would not be if it weren't for any trees.

Be a tree
Make a difference
Stand for something, or you will fall for anything.
The less you talk, the more you say, let your actions speak for you today.

Have the faith of a mustard seed. Everything you need to be who you are born to be you already have sown inside of you. All of us do. It is up to us to do something with it.

Be a tree
Just be a tree
How do you be a tree?
Don't think, just be

Does a baby ask how do I be a baby?
No, they are babies
They just are
Then naturally, as they grow, they will become what they see. And in return sow that very seed.

When the harvest comes will you be fruitful? Will you be good and get picked for market by the farmer? Or will you loose your faith, pay attention to the wrong thing, have your eyes fixed on the things in this world instead of the things of this world?

Pay no attention to others, none, not one, nothing else matters, things in this world will either serve it's purpose, witch is to be fruitful and multiply and subdue all the earth.

Well, get busy. Do you want to be a part of life always? As long as there is life? Even after you die continue to live abundantly? Or be fertilizer, a bad seed, a rotten tree, to be burned in the fire, to fuel the fire,that keeps forever burning, to keep keep forever creating, all the energy this world, our world, the planet we live on, and everything on the ground or of the earth, energy needed to ensure our survival. Waste not, want not.

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Earth to earth
Air to Air
Water to water
Fire to fire


Fire - energy recycled
Earth - The harvest
Water - necessary to continue growing
Air - To blow the seeds and scatter them accordingly, to coordinate everything in perfect rotation in perfect balance, in perfect harmony. The right time the right place, step by step. Directing the master plan to orchestrate, perfect love. To direct us not control us. Everything is here for us to use and then to be used in anyway we can, in the fire, if we are not good fruit, on the earth, if we continue to reproduce and continue to serve our purpose and play a useful part in pruning, and farming and teaching others, how to help and become a part of Gods master plan.

What is that you ask. That, my friend, is not for us to know. We are here to bloom, fully ripen get ready to be picked. Are going to be one of the ones that he selects?

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        05-29-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

This poem is one of your classics and I think, my favorite. I love nature and trees are some of my best friends and favorite people. There are so many great metaphors here and such brilliant imagery I'm awed. I am honored to be close to this much talent. This poem will be my oasis.
I will stop by many times to refresh myself and talk to your God, if I may!

Your wisdom amazes me. Thanks,


        04-27-2006     Kimberly Murphy        

Very interesting. I think you are intuned to nature. I'm not sure. Let me know if I'm wrong. lol Very good write. Very unique and inspiring.

Kimberly Murphy

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