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The Second Letter

by Regina Pate (Age: 38)
copyright 10-12-2005

Age Rating: 18 +

You can't sleep, I haven't slept in days
I don't think, I stay confused
You make my stomach feel funny

But no my heart is not aching
It is just heart burn
that must be it
Cause I won't go back
fuck that shit

I am sorry I have a cute butt
and I tell you words you like to hear
But that is who I am
No, I wasn't trying to hook you dear

You have no reason to pity me
I am doin' just fine
how was I persistent
When I hit you
you will know it, forever you'll be mine

Well I wasn't even trying
cause I never thought you saw
So just wait and see
what I can really do
When I give to you my all

Well right those wrongs
and sing your songs
Tell me when you make peace with the man
because when you let go
I will catch you if I can

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        05-18-2006     James Shammas        

I love this write, the mood and the tone, tacky and vindictive, all the while giving me something attractive and playful about the narrator, like I really need to get to know her, even if hit hurts me. Roaarrr!


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