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The Lamb is Alive

by Roger Crique (Age: 60)
copyright 10-22-2005

Age Rating: 7 +
The Lamb is Alive

I am angry at you
For you thought you were wise
With your thoughts of grandeur
And air of intricacies

You opened the door
When I told you to shut it
But you wanted power
Power to do what had already been done

You thought you were special
You thought you were unique
Compelled in your ways
And thus you traveled in arrogance

I taught you the path to take
To follow my steps, as I followed my fathersí
But you separated without notice
I taught you the difference
The difference between power and influence

You chose power
But no man has power
Some men influence other men
But you wanted power and thus believed in him

Thus you claim you sold it
And canít get it back now
You, my son, an ally to him!
I did not know until too late
How could I have saved you?

You should not have befriended him
You should have listened to me
For I knew his ways
And I told you of them

Perhaps it is not your fault
Perhaps it is mine
Your blood and my blood are not deluded
We are all paying for your mistakes
For I am your father
and that shall never change!

I will ask my father to set you free
To guide you and protect you
For your trek is treacherous
The outcome is bleak
You must be patient
if you want to be free
It will take a while
but I trust in him
for our sake, Amen!

And at 10:14 a.m., on October 22, 2005, as I typed the WORD, ďAmen,Ē for the first time since heís been incarcerated, my son made his first phone call to me, from his new home in Rikers Island. To me, there is no better testimony! The Lamb is Alive!

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        10-24-2005     David Pekrul        

Roger, I see a very deep spiritual struggle going on in this poem (at least in my interpretation of it) I see the title "The Lamb Is Alive" as a testimony that Christ Jesus, The Lamb Of God, is alive and in control of every situation.
You write
"You should not have befriended him
You should have listened to me"
In my interpretation you are speaking of the beguilement of Satan and how he tries to lead each of us astray: "For I knew his ways
And I told you of them".
We try to teach our children, but in the end they must make their own decisions, then all we can do is pray for them and leave them in God's care.
And God will answer your prayers, you know that!

        10-23-2005     Jasmine Roberts        

My apologies, my rating below was supposed to be a four, not a two. Very sorry about that!

        10-23-2005     Jasmine Roberts        

I noticed you sort of changed your tune to this poem halfway through, but it still finished off quite elegantly. You very clearly show your displeasure, and yet not so clearly what you are displeased at.
I actually enjoy how forcefully you ended it, the 'amen' fits in, where in many cases, it would not.
I do not quite think I understand why you named it what you did, except that perhaps you made reference to 'lamb' being 'innocence'. If so, very well done.
The poem is, however, a little sketchy.

        10-22-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

There is always hope and I hope that all will be well in the end. We all face things in this life to test us and how we survive them tells the creator what we have learned. The lessons are different for everyone and the solutions are just as different. I hope your path starts on the downhill slope and your son also. You have become my friend and I pray for your plight! Good luck and nice write! Anthony

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