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by Tiffany Forster (Age: 30)
copyright 10-23-2005

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I don稚 feel real,
I feel like a patchwork quilt
little squares of different
people sewn together by loose
thread. Like I知 not really
I知 everyone I come into contact
with, but never who I am.
Or is this me?
I am just a ragged quilt
A piece of scrap fabric that
no one wanted, sewn to another
by a fraying thread. Left to
and get lost. I知
all the leftovers. One
patch might be mine.
I知 not just a scrap.
And I知 not just tatters
in truth. I guess I can call it
well loved embroidery.
At least I知 not made of
lace. All full of
H o l e s.

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        03-12-2006     Frederick Van Kirk        

To hell with pieces of eight and gold doubloons! This poem is worthy of pieces of nine, and fresh fruit. Point of fact, I am almost jealous, would that I had thought of such a wonderful theme. I must look for another puddle. I have read almost all of your works I think this is the best so far.

        01-23-2006     tigerlilly        

I feel that way too. This is a really great metaphor becuase it signifies that everyone around us influences us.

        01-13-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

The sadness and darkness of being lost and afraid. Feeling tattered and lifeless happens when one is in a deep depression, and feels as if they can't escape. The metaphors are also very fitting to the emotions being expressed in this poem. Being sewn together by scraps of many materials is a very good and original way to express all of these sad and painful emotions. I really like the way you write. I do have a few objections though. The layout is a bit random and it's better to start a new line for each verse. Also punctuation isn't necessary in most poems. But that just one opinion of a critic. Kinda reminds me of "About Me" By Utadu Hikaru. Good work, the root of the emotions in this poem are deep.

        12-15-2005     Richard Reed Jr        

This poem is Aces and Queens-beautiful metaphors-lots of depth,
And a great close.
This poem was anything but patchwork.

Keep up the good work!


        12-11-2005     Brian Dickenson        

It sounds as though you are lacking self esteem, but I doubt that you are.
You have described very well, what life and being human is all about.
We are all an amalgam of all the people and the events that we experience as we journey through life, some good, some not so good.
This make us the same, yet so different.

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